Georgia’s polls are open: the last two important seats contested

Georgia's polls are open: the last two important seats contested

1. Why is it only voting in Georgia?

In addition to the presidential election that Joe Biden won, Americans also voted in November for a third of the 100 senators, which is comparable to the Senate in the Netherlands.

However, in the southeastern state of Georgia, in this Senate election, none of the candidates managed to gain a majority in the first round. That is why there should now be a new vote in the so-called “run-off”.

2. Why is this finding so important?

This is because whoever governs the Senate will have a lot of political power in the years to come. Honestly, it could make or break an American president.

If the Democrats win two seats in Georgia, the new president, Joe Biden, will get a lot of support to implement his plans and promises. If the Republicans won at least one seat, they could block the Democrats from introducing many bills. Something we’ve seen happen continuously in recent years.

Besides the Senate, the House of Representatives also has a lot of power. This 435-member lower house is similar to the House of Representatives and will remain in Democratic hands for at least two years after the November elections.

3. Who will win?

It is incredibly exciting. In the polls, the race has been choppy between the two sides in Georgia. According to CNBC, nearly $ 490 million of campaign money has been spent on endless commercials since November 4.

Republicans have controlled the Senate since the 2014 midterm elections. But Democrats smell their chance in Georgia, especially after winning the majority in the presidential election since 1992.

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Just like in November, there was a lot of early voting. A record Georgia population of over three million voted early, representing nearly 39 percent of registered voters. Today other electors are allowed to vote.

4. Who are the candidates?

For Republicans, these are two loyal allies of outgoing President Donald Trump: former Reebok CEO David Perdue (70) Macon and wealthy businessman Kelly Loeffler (50) from Illinois who moved to Georgia in 2002. Trump traveled to Georgia this week. To campaign for them.

So is the next president, Joe Biden. It also came to Peach State To support the Democratic candidates. They are Reverend Raphael Warnock, 51, and young investigative journalist John Usoff, 33, both from Atlanta.

5. When will we know more?

Given the neck-and-neck race and so many newly registered voters, there is a good chance – as in the presidential election in November – we should wait a few days for the final results.

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