Mayor Sharon Dijksma with Utrecht companies and a royal couple to California on a business mission

Mayor Sharon Dijksma with Utrecht companies and a royal couple to California on a business mission

At the beginning of September, Mayor Sharon Dijksma will travel to the United States, with more than two dozen companies, knowledge institutions and organizations from the Utrecht region, to participate in a national business mission in California. In her role as President of the Economic Council of Utrecht (EBU), she will be present from 5-7 September at the trade mission with the subjects Life sciences, health and urban mobility.

“As president of the European Broadcasting Union, I will be traveling to San Francisco with a number of board members and these companies to discuss economic cooperation with American partners,” Dijksma wrote in the council memo.

Not only Mayor Dijksma and several Utrecht organizations travel to California, but also King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and a number of ministers. These include the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports, Kuipers, and the Minister of Education, Culture and Science Djgraf.

The trade mission focuses on life sciences, health, and urban mobility. According to Dijksma, these are important themes for Utrecht. “These are two topics in which the Utrecht region expressly shows itself, and our region has pioneering activity in them. This was confirmed by the large delegation from our region for this task.”

important area

September will include talks with the mayor of San Francisco and the deputy governor of California. Dijksma also says he wants to discuss potential cooperation with them in the run-up to the COP27: Climate Conference in November in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. She did it from her role as Special Envoy of the United Nations Cities Network.

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Dijksma also participates in a number of panel discussions, such as the challenges that major cities face or will face in the future. She also talks with members of the EBU board of directors with the Phoenix Economic Council, which she believes is an important area in the field of both Life science And the health for sustainable mobility.

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