A1 and Drei enter into partnership for fiber optic internet

A1 and Drei enter into partnership for fiber optic internet

Broadband expansion in Austria will be accelerated.

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It is called a “paradigm shift”. A1 coach Marcus Graussam New cooperation with the telecom company three. The latter will also showcase its products in the future via the A1 fiber optic network. however Workload In the new fiber-optic communities their introduction will be increased and accelerated.

Collaboration A1 and Three

“In the next five years we will invest 3 billion euros In the expansion of optical fibers”, emphasizes Graussam. Austria is lagging behind high speed internet still lags behind. Among the 38 member states of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Alpine Republic ranks first when it comes to the use of optical fibers. Position 36.

According to Graussam, Austria also has a “demand problem”. Internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps It will likely be large for private households for years to come. Most Austrians are satisfied with the relatively slow internet cube.

fiber optic to homes

Accordingly, it is uneconomical to lay fiber-optic cables all the way to individual homes. “If the train is only 30 percent full, it’s also not efficient,” says Grausam. By working together you can More cost effective Work and transfer savings to clients.

The most popular landline tariffs on A1 and Drei currently offer download rates from 100 Mbps on me. Only individual users, such as ardent computer gamers, will do this 200 Mbps Or select more, as they say. But you already have a few corporate customers who are already using gigabit internet.

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Magenta cooperates with the investor

In general, A1 17 partnership Closed with different companies including many local service providers. Dre is the first partner to be introduced to the public. Products should reach customers by the end of the year.

For Schrefl, such collaborations are important in order to move forward with the expansion of optical fibers in Austria: “It is very difficult to work alone as a company.” Magenta has also recognized this, but the company is taking a different approach and focusing on partnering with an investor. with who purple Working together, the company wants to reveal next week.

2.1 percent Of the Austrian families are currently using a fiber-optic connection

24.2 percent This connection to the apartment or building will be available in principle

1,000 Mbps A fiber optic cable must be provided to qualify for gigabit internet. In theory, this speed is also possible in upload

Drei CEO Rudolf Schravel is convinced that with the expansion of 5G and fiber optics on a large scale, Internet era Daybreak. already exists 70 to 80 percent Internet traffic of videos. This not only includes Youtube or Netflixbut also about video calls. This also to play More and more moving to the cloud: players no longer need a powerful computer at home, but play via remote access and only see photos.

Funding required for users

A1 and Drei also want funding for infrastructure expansion the demand promotion among consumers. According to the State Secretariat for Digitization, new models are constantly being evaluated in order to achieve broadband expansion goals. However, it must be compatible with the legal provisions of the European Union.

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