Máxima visits Google and enjoys chocolate tulips

Máxima visits Google and enjoys chocolate tulips

Queen Maxima visited the University of California at Berkeley on Wednesday during the second day of her working visit to the United States. The university is not a place unknown to members of the royal family. Princess Laurentian and the late Prince Friso studied there.

Wearing a green floral-print dress, the Queen traveled to the university with Education, Culture and Science Minister Robert Dijgraf. Dijkgraaf gave the starting signal for the new Dutch Network of Academics (DNA). This was established to strengthen the ties between the Netherlands and the United States through academic cooperation.

In his speech, the minister described the University of California as “the most Dutch university” in the United States. After all, the University of California has offered the study of the Dutch language for fifty years.

In the library, Maxima had conversations with students studying Dutch. After that, the Queen spoke to a few teachers.

Visit Google

Máxima expresses her “gratitude” that she was also allowed to visit Google during her work visit to California. According to the Queen, it was a very useful conversation about “the challenges we will face in the future and which we can work together on,” she said afterwards. “We can do a lot together,” Maxima said. “Thank you for the opportunity.”


Google also loved talking to the Queen, among others. Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said, principally because of her commitment to, among other things, “financial inclusion.” “These kinds of looks are really important to Google. And the opportunity to talk about other things we can do and do better is really great.”


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Later in the day, when Maxima arrived at a Dutch school in Silicon Valley, she was greeted by a group of students. The Queen was treated to many drawings, cards and even a chocolate lily. “I’ll enjoy it,” she replied when she received the last gift.


Maxima was also passionate about graphics. She said to one of the Dutch-speaking children, “A very beautiful horse. Just like a Sinterclaus.” The Queen also wanted to know how they experience life in California. “Lots of sun and very warm I think,” she estimated.


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