Maxima and Zimmermann: A golden combination?

Maxima and Zimmermann: A golden combination?

Australian brand Zimmermann now has a lot of royal names on its client list. Our beautiful queen is also a fan.

In November 2016, Willem Alexander and Maxima paid a state visit to Australia. During a free moment, they dived together in the Zimmermann store. in Western Australia The saleswoman tells more about her own experience. “They’d been here too long. He was sitting on the sofa the whole time. She kept walking out (from the changing room, editor) and all he said was a short “Yeah”. No. Yes. No,” she would normally listen to, but not Always”.

In the end, five items were settled, including a mustard yellow dress with a delicate flower print. During a visit to Italy (2017), the dress debuted.

Photo: personal protective equipment

In June 2021, the Queen visited the Eye Film Museum, where we saw her again in this dress.

On December 2, 2017, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visited Saint Martin. This visit was dominated mainly by the reconstruction of the island after the devastation of Hurricane Irma in September of the same year. On the last day, the Queen wore a white blouse with a floral woven design by Zimmermann.

During the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York (September 2019), Queen Maxima wore a camel-coloured dress with polka dots designed by Zimmermann for the first time.

We saw the dress again during our state visit to Indonesia in March 2020.

During his state visit to India (2019), Zimmermann once again appeared in the photo. This time a design with large puffed sleeves and a long line of buttons.

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We also saw this beautiful example during our state visit to Indonesia in March 2020.

During her summer 2021 photo session, the Queen wore a yellow palm-patterned Zimmermann dress.

We saw this dress again in September 2021 during the Dutch Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen won.

Finally, we saw this dress again during the United Nations visit to Senegal in June 2022.

During a holiday in Greece, a bikini from the Australian label also appeared, but you understand: we do not show these pictures here due to privacy.

I hope we see the Queen often in outfits from the poster. Do you meditate? Or rather no more Zimmermann?

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This blog was written by the broker Petra, whose backlog appears regularly on this site.

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