Max Verstappen holds key to success in F1 against Leclerc: ‘He likes it’

Max Verstappen holds key to success in F1 against Leclerc: 'He likes it'

According to Johnny Herbert, the title fight between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc has not yet been decided. According to Herbert, Verstappen’s previous buildup (46 points after the Australian Grand Prix) is proof of that.

Leclerc’s outage in France, thanks to a fault from Monegask himself, comes at a bad time. Every time Leclerc drove a race after first place and then retired, Verstappen won. As in Spain and Azerbaijan, this was also the case in France. As a result, the gap between Verstappen and Leclerc grew to 63 points, allowing the Dutchman to retire twice and still lead by more than ten points.


Reverse Sky Sports F1 Herbert, a former F1 driver, discusses Verstappen’s form. According to Herbert, Verstappen’s current consistency is an important reason for his great leadership. “He’s doing a great job, and his consistency in particular has impressed me a lot this year. We know Ferrari are fast and they can win races, but they have a big gap to close.”

Title battle still exciting?

However, according to Herbert, it is certainly not impossible for Leclerc and Ferrari to bridge the current gap and regain the lead in the championship. “Is it possible, through reliability issues, or the mistakes of the Red Bull drivers? Yes, it certainly can! What amazed us last weekend was that they put in a great show again.”

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