Mattia Binotto expects a penny change with Red Bull

Binotto remains calm after a tough race at home

Over the weekend at Imola, Red Bull reduced Ferrari’s favorite role by scoring 1-2 on Sunday. Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto expects the advantage to continue to fluctuate between the two teams for the remainder of the season.

Binotto said, after Carlos Sainz reached out to Daniel Ricciardo on the first lap, and then parked his cobblestones can get. Charles Leclerc also turned at the end of the race and lost the podium.

Sweat will be sweat

In contrast, Red Bull was the dominant team throughout the weekend, for the first time this season. “Believes, [Red Bull] Strong and we know they are developing cars, but a couple of weeks ago in Australia we were the best car. Now it is the other way around. The race will be based on race, the balance may change, but overall we have a good car.”

Photo: Ferrari Media

Big promotion coming in Barcelona

Ferrari decided not to introduce upgrades last weekend unlike Red Bull, who apparently made the difference in dominance. “We know development will undoubtedly be an important element of the season, we know Red Bull will be very strong, and they will come back, but again, we will see results. [de race] Watch and go ahead. “

Also in Miami, the modifications to Ferrari will be small. The first major upgrade of the season will be brought in by Barcelona.

TYFOSSI Relax Sainz

Despite the disappointment at Imola, the Italian stable still tops both championships. Binotto says he owes a lot to the Italian fans’ support. “We have always said that we are not just a team; we are family and we are family with our partners typhous

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There was also a video of Carlos Sainz feeling comfortable before . also appeared online typhous After his DNF in Round 1.

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