Marechaussee intercepts gold bars and coins in Schiphol

Marechaussee intercepts gold bars and coins in Schiphol

Investigators from the Royal Dutch Marechaussee arrested several people on different days at the beginning of September who were carrying cash and gold bars in their luggage. The total return of these objections amounted to 56 kilograms of gold and 150 thousand euros in cash.

The Marechaussee team had their biggest catch on Friday, September 3rd. A Dutch man was checked by customs and found to have nine gold bars weighing 25 kilograms and 8,500 euros in cash in his luggage. The man was destined for Dubai, but was arrested on suspicion of money laundering due to the lack of a proper statement about the origin of his valuables.

An investigation was opened with the man, and then the same team of police investigators from the Marechaussee made a big hunt on the same day in a commercial building in Enschede. Another 29 kilograms of gold and over 42 thousand euros were found here. In total, this concerns 54 kilograms of gold, the value of which is estimated at about two million euros. The suspect is currently under investigation.

Three arrests

He was also injured on Monday, September 6th. An Italian man and woman had two kilograms of gold in their pockets, and they also lacked a verifiable statement. Marechaussee confiscated the gold and arrested both people. Two days later, Marechaussee police officers arrested a Turkish man on his way from Chile to Turkey. Customs found 100,000 euros in cash in his luggage. He is also being investigated and arrested on suspicion of money laundering.

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