The first Peppa Pig World of Play game in Europe for Westfield Mall in the Netherlands

The first Peppa Pig World of Play game in Europe for Westfield Mall in the Netherlands

Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, a progressive shopping mall in Leidschendam, will be the first European branch of Peppa Pig World of Play Merlin Entertainments recognized her. Today, the starting shot has been given for the construction of the 1,500 square meters indoor play center, with the associated store

  • Target group: 0-8 years
  • Estimated stay time: about 2 hours
  • Andil Leisure and Leisure Benin Westfield Mall Holland: 10%

Entertainment in a retail environment

For Merlin, it is the fifth Peppa Pig World of Play concept site worldwide. Three locations have already been set up in the US and one in Shanghai. Location Manager Vincent Bronk explains why this particular location was chosen: “Our US branches are all part of a shopping center. This has the advantage that a safe environment has already been created and that you benefit from the crowd that the shopping center always generates. Here at Leidschendam, we live in an attractive environment where Visitors can park their cars for free, for example. Peppa Pig will be part of a special day out at this location, where the visitor can make up various groups.”

A play area will be established on the first floor, which can be accessed by elevator and escalator. The entrance is on the ground floor, on the shopping street, through the Peppa Pig store. Bronk explains the concept: “Little kids explore more than 12 different play areas, each based on the themes and scenes known from the popular animated series around the world. The indoor playground is specially designed and built from the perspective of youngsters and brings the world of Peppa Pig to life. We intend to make a moment It’s a good time for kids with their supervisors.So it’s not the intention that parents leave their kids here while they go shopping by themselves.The activities are meant to let kids do fun things with their parents(grandparents).It’s an indoor themed playground,no attractions.There is also a catering point on Form a caravan. There you can drink food or have a picnic basket.”

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The concept of Peppa Pig, the world’s sexiest toy world was developed by Merlin Entertainments under license from HASBRO, Peppa Pig’s intellectual property (ip) owner.

There is currently no known opening date.

Westfield Mall Holland

For Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, the creation of the Peppa Pig district means a further enhancement of the overall concept, explains Bart van Tuellert of Unibail Rodamco Westfield. “The role of shopping malls is changing. In the past, direct sales were centralized. Now you can do it quickly and easily online. Big, well-known brands are looking for a site to truly present themselves and give their customers a special (brand) experience. We create that environment, we call it “Mixed Retail, here in Westfield Mall. Peppa Pig is also a strong brand backed by a professional like Merlin. These types of businesses are very welcome with us.”

Entertainment companies generally don’t have the ability to afford the rent of a premium retail location – they also need a lot of space. Do you work with a rent differential?

Van Tuellert: “There have been different rental segments within our centers for some time, with the aim of having a good mix of attractive offers. Inside this shopping center, 10% is rented to retail and entertainment companies and 15% to catering companies. As you can see, Peppa play area has been set up Pig is on the floor above the shopping street. This is indeed a less expensive location.”

How do you see the role of retail and entertainment within this location?

Van Tuellert: “Retail and entertainment are becoming increasingly important to shopping districts. The focus is increasingly on providing a pleasant outing. Often companies based here are actively involved in this by creating experiences. We also regularly organize events ourselves. For example, Lady Gaga will perform here At the end of this month. We won’t go as far as in the US, where you see the main attractions in the shopping district, for example.”

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