Maradona ruined my career in England: Fenwick | Canberra Times

Maradona ruined my career in England: Fenwick |  Canberra Times

Former England defender Terry Fenwick joked how Diego Maradona spoiled his 90-minute international career as he paid tribute to the great Argentine player, who passed away a few weeks after his 60th birthday. In the unforgettable 1986 World Cup quarter-final match between Argentina and England, Maradona dodged a number of defenders, including Fenwick, to score what he had scored in history as the “Goal of the Century”. The amazing individual effort came just four minutes after his famous “Hand of God” goal in a match still engraved in the memory of Fenwick, who admitted he was initially “bitter and twisted” at what happened. But over time, Fenwick’s anger gave way to reverence for a player who inspired Argentina to win the World Cup for the second time in 34 years and also to win a number of titles in Barcelona and Naples. Fenwick, who capped 20 matches between 1984 and 1988, told talkSPORT: “I am astonished by the news of Diego Maradona’s death. What a legend. For me, the greatest player of all time.” At first I felt bitterness and sprained (in “The Hand of God Incident). It was handball, a free kick for England. We thought we had the best 11 players on the field, but they had the greatest player in the world. He was the difference.” This guy was unbelievable. It doesn’t matter how many defenders around him. Give him the ball and he will destroy you. “This guy ruined my 90-minute international career. But I haven’t sat for 20 years and realized that I played against the best player ever.” It wasn’t just Terry Fenwick. This guy was slaying teams wherever he was. ”Fenwick recounted his memory of facing Maradona, revealing that he had tried to impose himself on the former attacking midfielder only to find that he was not someone who was easily intimidated.“ I tied him two or three times, ”Fenwick added. I thought that’s what he did. ”He was off the field for four and a half minutes after I hit him once.” And when I turned around and was preparing to come again, I was thinking, “What the hell should I do to stop this guy?” It was built like you wouldn’t believe. He was a bull and came back the whole time. “The ball was stuck in that left foot, and you couldn’t get it out. I tried to scare him but he was always there and ready for more. I didn’t say two words to him but he was talking to me from start to finish” that was the guy’s confidence. He knew it was better than the rest. What an Australian Associated Press player

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