Malicious software that steals digital currencies .. “developed by hackers”

Malicious software that steals digital currencies .. “developed by hackers”

At a time when many individuals and companies are struggling to provide the best possible devices for mining digital currencies, obtaining money and profit by owning encrypted currencies such as Bitcoin, for example, the wind comes with what ships do not desire, and malicious software is issued, to steal digital currencies from devices and computers that afflicts her, to become the hopes and ambitions of many threatened.


Where a report revealed that there is malicious software that infects devices without the knowledge of the user, and withdraws digital currencies, and its success reaches the theft of large numbers of millions of currencies.

The report indicates that the number of unique new modified versions of the software doubled from 3,815 to 16,934, and the number of Kaspersky solution users who encountered mining software on their devices increased to 432,171 users who encountered mining software.

How to secure the computer and reduce the risks of mining software?

1- You must install a program or find a strong security solution on the computer.

2- Security solution settings must be set to block software.

3- Update software on all devices periodically, and use tools to automatically detect security vulnerabilities.

4- Install apps from the official app stores.

What is cryptocurrency mining?

Mining is one of the main elements that allows digital currencies to function as a decentralized network between one person to another without the need for a third party, and then after the end of the process transactions between users are verified and added to the public blockchain ledger.

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During the mining process, the miner is a node in the network that collects transactions and organizes them into groups. At any time transactions are made, the miner’s nodes receive and verify them, then add them to a large memory and start compiling them into groups of multiple transactions.

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