Make money with Google: The new app invites users to take short surveys – asks questions about ads


Google generates a large portion of its sales from advertising and of course has a strong interest in keeping it that way – despite all the challenges. They have now launched a new app that is supposed to allow a study to be conducted among invited US users and give them the opportunity to earn money from their answer. “Online Statistics Study” is available for download in the Google Play Store, but unfortunately only to a limited extent.

Google Online Insights study cover

Google offers its users several ways to earn money by simple means – such as surveys on purchasing behavior and Google services. There is now a new app geared towards advertising business that asks users about their experiences with Google Ads. This is a research project and users will need an invite code to participate.

The study of statistics online is a research project by Google. If you choose to participate, Google will collect approved information about the ads you see and the websites you visit in order to develop measurement solutions aimed at improving the future of online advertising, and putting user privacy first.

Eligible participants can earn points redeemable for gift cards worth up to $10 per month or $130 annually with rewards.

Google will not use the information collected for this study to report advertising campaigns to advertisers or to display personalized ads to you.

Merit is not bad for this short job, similar to the survey app. Perhaps one day you will also start outside the US and eventually as a user you can also benefit from the fact that advertising is getting better.

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Online insight study
Online insight study

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