Scots on the eve of a possible independence election

Scots on the eve of a possible independence election
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The Battle for Scottish Independence will be revived in the UK next week. The kingdom’s Supreme Court will then consider another attempt by the Scots to hold another referendum on whether it should secede from the kingdom.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon (National Ports Agency / Agence France-Presse)

British Prime Minister Liz Truss and her government are vehemently opposed to the possibility of independence, as it makes the kingdom’s future uncertain. The London government therefore does not support holding a referendum on this issue. The semi-autonomous Scottish government wants to hear from the judge whether the vote can still take place without London’s support.

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Scots hope to be able to hold a referendum next October. Earlier this year, the residents themselves appeared to be very divided on the subject. Then 48 per cent of Scots were in favor of independence, and 47 per cent were against it, according to a Sunday Times poll.

The previous referendum failed

In 2014, the Scots actually held a referendum in which 55% opposed independence. Things changed for Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon when the British decided to leave the European Union. She would like to return to the European Union. But Truss thinks otherwise. “In 2014 we said ‘once per generation.’ I am very clear when I say that there will not be another referendum until this generation is over.

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Sturgeon asserts that if the Scots want a referendum, it will be an advisory one. If the Scots decide to be independent, it will not immediately mean that there will be a separation. This will only be possible if the British and Scottish Parliaments come up with legislation.

Catalonia independence

The Scots also bear in mind the failed attempt at independence by the Catalans. In 2017, Catalans declared independence after an illegal referendum. The Spanish judge drew a line through it afterwards, such that the dismissal failed.

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