Make call logs in Truecaller; Learn the whole process | Truecaller call recording

Make call logs in Truecaller;  Learn the whole process |  Truecaller call recording

Most of the smartphone users use Truecaller in their phones. If your phone has Truecaller, you can also do call recording with Truecaller. Today we will learn in detail how to do this.

This included rolling out the recording feature in 2018. In 2018, Truecaller introduced a feature on its platform that only allows select users to record incoming and outgoing calls. This means that only a small number of users can take advantage of this feature. At the time, this feature was only available to customers who had subscribed to Truecaller. This means that the feature can be used for a fee. But now, nearly three years later, Truecaller has brought an update that allows both paid and unpaid customers to use their smartphones. This means that all users can now use this feature.

However, some terms and conditions must be followed to use this feature. The condition is that only Truecaller Android users can use this feature. To use this feature, users will need an Android smartphone running Android 5.1 or higher.

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This feature will not work on this device

Truecaller states on the support page that the calling user will not be notified of their call recording. Also, the company says that calls will not be recorded when users are using headphones. Another thing to note is that Truecaller’s call recording feature is not available on all Android smartphones. The company lists smartphones that do not have this feature.

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Google Nexus and Google Pixel Android 5- 8.1 devices

Motorola G4, Moto Series, Motorola Smartphones – Android 5 – 8.1

Redmi Note 5 Smartphone with Android 8.1

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite and Redmi Note 7 – Android 9 – 12

Smartphone Samsung J7 Max- Android 5 – 8.1

OnePlus 6 – Android 9-12

Smartphones POCO F2 PRO and Poco X3 – Android 9-12

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How to record a call

Now you need to follow the below steps on how to record a call using the call recording feature on Truecaller.

Step 1: To use this feature for devices running Android 9 and above, go to Settings > Accessibility & Accessibility for Truecaller Call Recorder. For some devices, this can be found in Settings -> Settings -> Accessibility -> Downloaded apps.

Step 2: Tap the record button on the caller ID screen to record the audio when you receive a call or make a new call.

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