MAGA protesters from across the United States maintain their confidence in Donald Trump on the Washington rally

MAGA protesters from across the United States maintain their confidence in Donald Trump on the Washington rally

The District of Columbia is never the place it chooses as the natural home of a political mass rally of the conservative, right-leaning group.

Getting a million citizens out for a hastily held Saturday afternoon Saturday afternoon, which has been described as the “Million Maja’s March” and “Stop Theft – DC” has always been difficult.

In this case, it did not happen.

The crowd was not as large as the organized “millions” had hoped, but tens of thousands still took to the streets.(ABC News: Tim Stevens)

Perhaps a fraction of that number appeared – perhaps more than 50,000 – although the number, like everything in American politics, is highly contested.

Regardless of the look, the stroll back and forth along Pennsylvania Avenue, from the White House to the Capitol Building, the U.S. Supreme Court and back again was an exposing experience of the depth and power of conviction that lives among at least part of the 72 million people who voted for Mr. Trump.

The mere arrival of Washington, D.C. was, in and of itself, a statement of the strength of faith that still propelled them.

Men carrying Trump flags take out in front of groups of people in Washington, DC
Many of Trump’s supporters expressed the belief that the election had been stolen from him.(ABC News: Tim Stevens)

ABC met political pilgrims who came from Oregon, Texas, New Mexico and Florida, and raised hundreds of dollars in flights and accommodations, not to mention the risks of contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus.

There was a strong feeling that the rates of the pandemic were just a far-reaching and modest consideration for those who heeded the crowd’s cry; Almost all of them will have come from states with higher daily numbers of cases of Coronavirus than those in Washington, DC, so the risk of import into this city should definitely be weighted and rejected immediately before traveling.

The recommendation to wear masks was followed by about a third, or one in four at most, which is a fictional procedure, but one that is broadly in line with compliance in many states, especially south of the Sun Belt where the worst is thought to be behind them since rates peaked in Texas and Florida. And Arizona in the summer.

Rallies of Central American Republicans behind Trump

Popular cartoons of the typical supporter of Donald Trump comment that he is somewhat marginalized, poor, angry, and uneducated.

A family stands on the street carrying trumpets and children in a pram
Families formed the backbone of the supporters of the Donald Trump rally in Washington.(AP: Jacqueline Martin)

They weren’t the backbone of this MAGA demonstration.

White people do. Families did.

Republicans emerged in Central America, most peacefully despite the heavy presence of “patriotic” militias, including the Proud Boys Movement.

Men in black and yellow polo shirts and hats walk outside in a group
The Brow Boys rallied with Donald Trump’s mostly white supporters.(ABC News: Tim Stevens)

Their anger is palpable, and although their belief that the November 3 election was “stolen” perfectly reflects Mr. Trump’s thoughts on Twitter, they seem to see it as a truism, not a fact they just echo with some blind faith in the forty-fifth. President.

An immigrant from Vietnam – Lee, from Houston – told us that it was “very easy to see”, convinced that the Democrats had spoiled the election.

“One thing is important; I am from Vietnam, so I understand how the country is [my country — Vietnam] It was taken away. It is very bad. I don’t want to bring that to America. Not possible. We have freedom. “

Anthony, who is also from Texas, is also determined to correct a perceived electoral error.

“These were not legitimate elections. You see the crowd here. There is a lot of energy inside the country now to correct this,” he said.

The bay between the two parties is still wide

Their conviction is the crux of the reconciliation project that the United States ultimately must confront once all the legal and vote-counting disputes are passed.

A person raises black banners in front of a row of police officers
The United States faces a reconciliation process to bring the warring groups closer together.(ABC News: Tim Stevens)

Sooner or later, and perhaps no later than Inauguration Day 20 January 2021, the combination of leadership from the vanquished and gentle humility from the victor will help.

But if America wants to find some semblance of national cohesion and faith in its democratic processes, it must definitely take root with the people themselves.

However, the gap of understanding is wide and the desire to lay down rhetorical weapons is difficult to discover.

This really stood out a lot as a blue autumn day gave way to half the light of dusk in Washington, D.C.

The “Million March” passed a long time ago, leaving pockets of Trump supporters waving flags to wander the streets in confused, nearly aimless directions.

The groups, including men, women and middle-aged children, found themselves face to face with anti-anarchism groups they despise as violent anarchists, following their behavior in the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the country last summer.

Controversy and logical disagreement was one way to lower the temperature and raise the tolerance levels slightly.

People behind a steel barrier huddle together wearing logos on their shirts and hats
The “Stop Theft” protesters are likely to approve of Mr. Trump’s activism during the rally.(Reuters: Lea Meles)

But brutally, in at least one confrontation on 17th Street in the downtown area of ​​Washington, DC, these forms of deliberate conflict resolution are only given one moment at the most, before the outrageous abuse and the single blow to the head were freely thrown.

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Tensions in Washington, D.C. as Trump supporters clashed with opposition protesters

At that very moment, Mr. Trump was sitting in the White House tweeting about “tremendous evidence of widespread voter fraud” which he deemed “unconstitutional.”

If the MAGA crowd behind the stiff steel-ring fence took the time to read it, they undoubtedly applaud it as an accurate prognosis for everything they think is sickening American democracy.

Every indication that they will continue to believe it for the next four years when Joe Biden finally takes the oath on January 20.

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Nancy Pelosi asks Republicans to “ respect the will of the people ” and focus on COVID-19.

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