Hitmaka asks to pray Jeremih in disturbing posts

Hitmaka asks to pray Jeremih in disturbing posts

On Saturday (November 14), the recording artist-turned-producer and music director of Hitmaka shocked fans when he posted that his followers should send positive emotions to Jeremih.

“I want everyone to pray for my brother Jeremih. This message was posted with his mother’s blessing,” the huge producer captioned a picture of the singer sitting in a studio on his Instagram. Almost immediately, members of the music community and fans started commenting with emojis with a prayer hand at the bottom of the post.

On Hitmaka Instagram Stories, talk about Jeremih a little more. “Doge changed my life. He went pulling through. Pray for jeremih,” I read one of his stories. Another continued, “We need that energy [prayer emoji]Pray for my brother. Jeremih has gone back. ”

At the time of writing this article, unfortunately we do not have any details about what exactly happened to Jeremih because Hitmaka did not clarify the circumstances of the recording artist and no one else on his team was clear about his current condition. We are sure we will learn more soon.

In other Hitmaka-related news, the heavy musician recently sat down to chat with NORE and DJ EFN on “Drink Champs” to discuss his career and the ups and downs that came with it. “I am rich and it does not affect me at all,” said Hamtaka of the public scrutiny he has undergone over the years.

“Everyone got rid of me, and now it feels like it doesn’t even matter. I had to build it up because I went through a lot of things. I went through a lot of things because Young Berg wasn’t even beef or my problems. I went through a bunch of turmoil, like, I literally grew up in front of the camera” … Niggas can see the good, the bad, and the ugly with me. So, it just feels like what it is. At the end of the day, it’s about longevity, it’s about getting a real job and it’s just about money, brother. ”

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See Hitmaka’s posts about Jeremih below. Send positive emotions.

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