Lufthansa may want a large stake in ITA

Lufthansa may want a large stake in ITA

Lufthansa Group may want a 40% stake in the “new” Italian airline ITA.

Previously, Delta seemed to be interested in caring for society. The US airline has already expressed interest in a partial takeover during the Alitalia bankruptcy. But it now appears that Delta has no ambitions to do business with ITA.


As expected, it would be virtually impossible to fully integrate the ITA into the Lufthansa Group. A full takeover would need approval from the European Competition Authority, which seems unlikely in the case of Lufthansa Group. In the event of a wholly acquired ITA, Lufthansa Group would own the national companies of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.


ITA has been looking for a partner since its inception. The airline wants to partner with another major airline and joined SkyTeam soon after its founding. So far, Lufthansa is the only carrier that has shown a serious interest in the shares of the Italian national carrier, which is logical given the current financial situation of many carriers. Other airlines, including KLM, are willing to cooperate with the company but have no interest in the stock.


Alitalia, like ITA, was part of SkyTeam and worked closely with KLM, among others. The Italian airline operated a small number of intercontinental flights, which allowed passengers to make extensive use of its partner networks.

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