Lots of clouds, cool temperatures and desert dust on its way to the Alps

Wintersport lente skiën april

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In terms of weather, there hasn’t been much to complain about in the Alps in recent weeks. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and temperatures hovered around freezing. So that was 100% fun! Unfortunately, that will change in the coming days. Gradually, softer air comes to the Alps. This will not only lead to higher temperatures, but also a lot of clouds and desert dust … Read more about the weather in the Alps in the next few days.

Hot days in the Alps

The light air will reach the Alps in the coming days. As a result, the temperature rises during the day and also at night the mercury no longer drops below freezing. In the valleys, temperatures can range between 15 and 20 degrees during the day… Not the most ideal weather for winter sports of course. A tip for when you’re in the snow for the next few days: Make sure to get out early, the slopes are best. You can relax on the terrace in the afternoon. Temperatures will drop a bit later this week, but maximum temperatures will still be around 15 degrees. The sun will show itself every now and then, but the clouds make it very difficult for her. The precipitation remains calm which is a good thing with these temperatures. Except for some snow over 2,000 meters and rain below in the northwest Swiss Alps, it will still be semi-arid. Since there is a lot of desert dust in the atmosphere at the moment, it may fall with snow and rain. This has already resulted in red snow falling several times.

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Later in the week it’s sunny, sunny, with a little rain

After a few cloudy days, the sun may appear more often in Switzerland on Wednesdays and Thursdays. However, there is still desert dust in the air, which can significantly reduce the power of the sun. The sky looks gray and in the morning it can be foggy or misty in the valleys. In Austria it is still cloudy and it may rain in lower parts especially on Wednesday. The temperature remains elevated with a maximum of 10 to 15 degrees. There will likely be some snow next weekend, but that’s still not certain.

The slopes are lower quality and the danger of avalanche

It makes sense, of course, that these high temperatures are not good for the quality of the slopes. Ice is not made for temperatures of 15 degrees. You will definitely notice this in the afternoon, when the snow is mushy and heavy to ski. In addition, there is a risk of an avalanche off the slopes due to the mild temperatures. So keep a close eye on avalanche reports and never go out on your own or without the right equipment.

Less conditions in Germany

Near the house, the slopes also suffer from high temperatures. In Winterberg and Willingen, it rained yesterday and today, which did not help the snowfall. There will be no new snows in the coming days and the sun will shine regularly. Daytime temperatures are around 10 degrees and at night stay above freezing. The slopes are still white, but conditions are harsh and not everything is open anymore.

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