Looks like Van der Merwe should miss F1 season lock

Medical Car / Oostenrijk / 2021

Foto: Red Bull Content Pool (Manfred Binder / GEPA)

right Now Van der Merwe likely won’t be playing this season. Driver medical car He has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus and in countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia it is required to be accepted.

Van der Merwe and Formula 1 doctor Ian Roberts tested positive for coronavirus ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix. For van der Merwe, this was the second time he had tested positive for the virus. So the two were unable to travel to Istanbul and were replaced by Bruno Correa and Dr. Bruno Franceschini. Then Van der Merwe announced via social media that he would not be vaccinated for personal reasons.

“I respect the stricter rules in other countries”

“In Switzerland, I am half Swiss, and in other developed countries, a previous infection is equivalent to vaccination,” van der Merwe wrote. “I am sure these countries know what they are doing, but I also respect the stricter rules in other countries and so I do not travel there. I am fully aware that I may be less invasive or that my freedom of movement may be restricted based on my own choices. Just because I Just because I prefer skill over my health doesn’t mean I make decisions out of selfishness. We all just want to be healthy.”

Race director Michael Massey is the opposite Motorsport.com He emphasized that in some countries, where a race has not yet taken place, there is a vaccination requirement to enter the country.

“It is not fundamentally different from the malaria vaccine.”

“As far as we know, there are some countries that don’t welcome you unless you receive a vaccination,” Massey said. “It is not fundamentally different from the malaria vaccine or any other vaccine that in some parts of the world you need to enter the country. You have to adhere to these rules in order to be allowed to enter the country. The FIA ​​has to respect those requirements, and the same goes for teams and other people.”

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