Look for the ministers of Rutte IV: these names appear in The Hague

Look for the ministers of Rutte IV: these names appear in The Hague

“I was called up,” said Professor Dr. Er Ackermanns, the character of Kees van Cotten. However, revealing his name does not in any way guarantee the actual joining of the new cabinet. Indeed, it is a wisdom many have heard in The Hague that mentioning them is the best way not to become one.


However, government party MPs in particular will be happy to have their names heard and their phones watched. A state secretariat or ministerial position is seen as the culmination of a political career.

Currently, 30 new ministers have been appointed. 20 ministers and 9 ministers of state. VVD will provide 8 Ministers, D66 will receive 6, CDA will receive 4 and ChristenUnie 2. VVD will receive 4 Ministers of State, D66 will receive 3, CDA 2 and ChristenUnie 1. The goal is to achieve a male-female distribution.


Sander Dekker, Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius and Dennis Wiersma will likely return to VVD as well as Rutte. The latter two came during the last months of the outgoing government, and they will be rewarded for it. VVD MP Mark Harbers name also makes the rounds. Already gaining experience as Minister of State for Justice, he resigned after two years.

Sophie Hermanns, who is now acting party chief and was involved in negotiating Rutte in the formation, will also lead the VVD faction after the formation.


The big question for the commission is who of the current ministers will return. Will Hugo de Jong and Wopke Hoekstra remain ministers, and if so, in which ministry? Most likely the CDA will not get the Treasury, because the D66 can claim this important position as a second party.

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As Finance is considered one of the most influential publications, it is assumed that the D66 will not miss this post. As a result, CDA and Hoekstra are fishing behind the net with funding. The big question is whether Hoekstra sees another ministry interesting enough, or whether he will sit in the House of Representatives. Hoekstra previously indicated that he considers himself more of a manager than a politician.

Whether Hugo de Jong will return to public health or to the Cabinet is also a big question mark. He himself has indicated his desire to continue in public health. A number of prominent figures in the Community Development Authority also made a warm appeal in Al-Khameen’s announcement for the continuation of the Ministry of Health. However, this is by no means clear. Inside the CDA summit, they will be less excited about an extension.

At the CDA, current Secretary of State for the Interior Raymond Nobbs will likely return. Acting party chief Peter Herma is also named, possibly as housing minister. Internally, however, Herma would have declared that she had no ambitions for a place in the cabinet. Representative Anne Quick will be named leader of the Christian Democratic faction.


Then there was the question of what D66 leader Sigrid Kaag would do. Do you sit in the Council of Ministers or in the House of Representatives, and if you become a minister, in which ministry? She cannot return to her favorite ministry, the Foreign Office, after resigning earlier this year over the chaotic evacuation of Dutch people from Afghanistan. It was mentioned in finance, but also for a ministerial position in climate affairs.

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It is assumed that the current D66 Secretary of State Stephen Van Weinberg will return to the Cabinet and possibly also the current Foreign Minister Hans Velebreev. Group D66 deputies Jan Paternotte, Sjoerd Sjoerdsma and Salima Belhaj were also nominated. Rob Gettin continues to lead the D66 faction in the House.


Will Carola Scottin (Christinoni) return to the Cabinet? Maybe, but at least not at the USDA, where she’s been doing chores for the past few years. Secretary of State Paul Blochois will also return. The name of Representative Miriam Baker is often mentioned when new ministers of Christinoni are mentioned. Gert Christinoni’s leader, Jan Segers, remains the party’s leader in the House of Representatives.

the health

Besides people who like to be mentioned, there are also people who do not aspire to a ministerial position. The risk of failure is high, in part due to the escalating political debate. And the special consequences are great, too. The families of the new ministers suffer not only because of long working days, but also because of more and more threats to the private addresses of officials.

Then there is the health aspect. In the previous government, a number of ministers literally fell. For example, there was Minister Bruno Bruins who fell ill during a debate and did not return due to overwork. Ministers Bas in ‘t Wout and Tamara van Ark also had to stop due to health reasons. This may also deter potential candidates.

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