Six Dutch Blockchain 2021 Awards were awarded during Dutch Blockchain Week 2021

Six Dutch Blockchain 2021 Awards were awarded during Dutch Blockchain Week 2021

The third edition of Dutch Blockchain Week 2021 will take place from Monday 6 to Friday 10 December. Dutch Blockchain Week (DBW) is organized by Blockchain Netherlands and the Blockchain Coalition. During this week, a total of six blockchain prizes were presented for the second time in a row. Computable has committed itself as a partner in this Dutch Blockchain Awards. The candidates were nominated in five categories. We looked at examples of attractive blockchain between business and public solutions, useful applications in education, and blockchain with social impact, as well as people who have made a difference using blockchain.

The Dutch Blockchain Awards 2021 winners are:
● Social Impact Award: RTI Blockchain
● Enterprise Solution Award: LTO . Network
● General Solution Award: Bitvavo
● Influential Person Award: Madelon Vos
● Meaningful Education Award: Cryptotakkies
● BCNL Community Award: Dusk Network

The week also dominated global blockchain developments and the Netherlands ecosystem with an inspiring program on various topics.

Marco van den Heuvel of Merit Cirle, Kerry Murphy of The Fabricant, Luc Hijdra of Unityswap, Kirsten Coppoolse of The New Fork and Rudolf van Ee of Blockchain Netherlands showed us the latest blockchain/crypto startups from Holland. We have considered several important trends within the blockchain and explained why the solution is important when using decentralized technology. In the ‘To the moon & back’ session, CoinMarketCap’s Molly Jane Zuckerman, DPS’s Rainer Bredenward and ING’s Tynes Brussens shared what’s happening in crypto, especially what’s coming next, and where the biggest obstacles for 2022 lie.

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Mason Nystrom of Messari, Kaliya Young’s Identity Woman and Jorge Serna of Europe Securitize show the latest developments in what we can expect in 2022 around tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Web 3.0 and self-identity (SSI). Change makers Ingo Rübe of KILT Protocol of Berlin and Marcel Harmann of THOR in Switzerland spoke about the events in other blockchain/crypto ecosystems across Europe. The KILT protocol has been decentralized for a few weeks and Ingo explained why this is important. Susan Somerville of Chronicled/Meledger, Violeta Shishkina of Women in Blockchain and Sana Bedi of UNICEF spoke about upcoming global change projects. It is exciting to see how blockchain technology supports this.

In the latest session of Dutch Blockchain Week ‘Long Road Ahead’, three world opinion leaders from China, the United States and Germany, Anne Connelly of Singularity, Vatin Krektoim of Cointelegraph and Agata Ferreira of the European BC Observatory, closed the week with their opinions. About what the future has to offer. They noted that decentralized technology has only just begun. So there is still a long way to go in regulations, global cooperation and technical challenges.

All sessions can be watched separately via our YouTube channel and a later movie will follow soon on our Dutch Blockchain Week website.

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