Logitech MX Master 3S in Test: Mouse Slaughter in Slow Motion

Logitech MX Master 3S in Test: Mouse Slaughter in Slow Motion

Master 3S is the barge in Logitech’s mouse fleet

Some people like little mice. I can’t do anything with baby rodents. If I just saw a portable device or a compact mouse in the workplace, I already feel cramps in my fingers.

So I was so excited when Logitech Introducing new version of MX Master 3: File MX Master 3S. In terms of size, it’s almost as mobile mouse as the wheeled armor on the VW Polo. I have tested them.

White and silver always work

The Master 3S is available in black or white – or as Logitech calls the colors politically correct: Graphite and light gray. I tested the light gray version. This also has silver-gray elements, which mesh well. The almost chrome-colored wheels add a third color to the styling game, but they blend in well.

The size of the S-form has not changed. This is also still a file giant mouse pad. This is great for me because I tend towards a paw grip on the mouse. Since the Master 3S has a very high back for mice, the fingers automatically rest on the mouse buttons. As a result, you are not inclined to make a claw grip, which is easy on your knuckles when working for a long time.

It’s a shame to me that Master 3S didn’t get a second piano. While my thumb rests comfortably on the wing to the left of the mouse, my little finger tends to be unmotivated when I move the mouse.

Figure makes Master 3S for Not suitable for left-handers. Logitech does not currently offer its own left-hand alternative.


Logitech promises that the Master 3S will be there 90% quieter It is from the previous model. This is not an empty promise. The left click is almost inaudible even in a quiet room. The right click is a little higher, but it’s still quiet enough not to bother anyone.

Mouse wheel is quieter now. This can again automatically from the line that is running in free wheel Transformation. when Logitech M650 (Here in testing) The freewheel still feels like a howling Formula 1 car. With Master 3S, it’s now as quiet as a mouse.

Additional keys and functions

Mouse wheel (third mouse button) can be clicked. There is a button on the wheel to switch between modes. The mouse wheel can then be used immediately while moving freely. If you press the button again, the mouse wheel will return to a file Auto modewhich automatically switches to freewheel mode when turning quickly.

There is one on the left second wheel, which is controlled by the thumb. below are Mouse buttons 4 and 5. The second mouse wheel can be rolled without resistance, which is easy to do with your thumb. Mouse buttons 4 and 5 can have a little less resistance when pressed, but they are still easy to use.

The wing that acts as the thumb rest is a hidden button. If you press it, you can go with it Gestures trigger commands. By default, for example “keypress + mouse down” is minimized on the desktop. in Logitech software There are a number of presets to choose from to control the gestures. If you want, you can also use it freely.

Too big, but unfortunately also heavy

Master 3S works well in daily office life, but also in spare time video cutting and photo editing. In Logitech software, the sensing range can be set to 8K dpi a plus. Then the pointer speed can be adjusted up to 8000 dpi.

A high sampling rate is seen when working with precision, for example in Photoshop, even with low DPI values. However, mouse acceleration can then be quite high. This cannot be set in the Logitech program, but in the advanced properties of the mouse in the Windows settings. It takes a bit of playing around here to find a nice combination of Logitech pointer speed and Windows pointer speed (and pointer acceleration).

The comfortable grip of the large mouse hand and the high weight also aid in precise work. However, I wish the Master 3S was not only quieter, but also a little lighter. with 141 grams weigh a lot. If you move the mouse with your wrist instead of your arm, you will find it boring at the end of a long work day.

Although the Master 3S is large and heavy, it is also suitable for portable use. through Darkfield Sensor It is completely insensitive when it comes to surfaces. It also works well on clear glass tables and mirrors.

Connectivity and battery life

Master 3S comes with either attachment USB receiver Connected or directly via Bluetooth. All in all she can go with me 3 devices at the same time to be connected. There is a toggle button at the bottom. In testing, it was mainly used with a USB receiver. The connection remained stable the entire time, and there were no dropouts.

Logitech gives battery life up to 70 days on me. If 8K DPI is activated, this value drops rapidly. In the test I will use 8K DPI Stabilizer for 30 office work days Come with the mouse before sending it USB-C It must charge.

How many stuffed mice does it take to get a good caption for this photo? Obviously more than 2.


The MX Master 3S (€130 RRP) costs a lot, but you get a lot for it. If you have issues with very small mice, you will be happy with this. Due to the quiet operation, it is also suitable for an open office, which, in turn, pleases employees.

The numerous tweaks in the program are very useful, such as single button and wheel customizations for different programs, which become active automatically as soon as the program is opened. However, the gesture control can be dispensed with, since the activation button is spongy and difficult to press – which is not very pleasant.

Heavy weight isn’t fun either. If you use a mouse with your wrist, you should get used to the Master 3S and push and pull it with your arm – or find a lighter alternative.

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