Holiday weather: relatively cold near the Netherlands, sweltering heat in southern Europe | Currently

Holiday weather: relatively cold near the Netherlands, sweltering heat in southern Europe |  Currently

School holidays in the central Netherlands are about to begin. Vacationers staying in the Netherlands can count on mild summer weather next weekend. For the true summer heat, you have to go south, Weeronline reports on Thursday.

Those who spend the next few days in the Holland region can count on calm summer weather. In Germany and Belgium, (light) showers should be considered. More stable specimens are sometimes found especially in southern and eastern Germany.

In our neighboring countries, the first days of the holiday are relatively cold. Maximum temperatures in Belgium range from 19 to 24 degrees, while temperatures in Germany are really warm in summer.

After the weekend the temperature will rise significantly and it will be warm in several places in Belgium and Germany. There is plenty of room for sun and good weather for outdoor activities. The risk of exposure to tropical heat increases later in the week.

Lots of sunshine, but sometimes it also snows in the Alps

Hikers in Alpine countries are expecting great summer weather in the coming period. Scattered showers and thunderstorms can occur.

Weather conditions are excellent for outdoor activities. In large cities, it is already warm in summer (more than) 25 degrees, but in the mountains it is often warm.

Watch out for the sun. This is because it is very strong and if you stay a little higher in the mountains, you are unlikely to notice that you are burned. From Tuesday the weather will be warmer in the alpine countries.

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Extreme heat in the interior of Spain and Portugal

Large parts of Portugal and Spain can count on sweltering weather in the coming days. In Portugal it is still very nice in the early days with about 25-28 degrees near the sea. But the mercury inside quickly rises to more than 35 degrees.

At the beginning of next week, the temperature will rise more than 40 degrees in the interior of Spain and Portugal. Mercury could reach 45 degrees locally in the coming days. As Spain and Portugal experience drought and extreme heat, the risk of forest fires is increasing.

Beautiful holiday weather on Spain’s Costas and Cote d’Azur

Those looking for beautiful beaches and sunny conditions can visit southern France and the Spanish Costas. There is plenty of room for the sun and for now it will stay that way.

At 29 or 30 degrees on the French Riviera and Costa Brava, it’s warm, but not too hot. Plus, there’s a breeze from the sea every now and then, which means beaches are often a good place to stay.

The sun often shines profusely on the Balearic and Canary Islands. In Ibiza and Mallorca, it is often tropical and warm with over 30 degrees. In Tenerife and Gran Canaria, the temperature is just below 27 or 28 degrees. From Sunday, it will be much warmer in the Canary Islands. However, there is often a fresh breeze from the sea.

Sunrise and thunderstorms in Greece and Turkey

Also on the Greek and Turkish beaches it is often good to stay with a temperature of 27 to more than 30 degrees. It will be dry at first, but heavy rain and thunderstorms will pass over Greece from Friday.

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Thunderstorms will reach northern and western Turkey this weekend. On the beaches around the tourist city of Antalya, it seems to be mainly still dry. In the coming days there will be about 30 to 33 degrees there.

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