Living Differently: The Living Dordts Community

Living Differently: The Living Dordts Community

Dordrecht – Dordrecht is introduced to a new form of living. A small group of passionate people are committed to Dordts Woongenootschap. Members can realize their dream by investing their own money: a condominium condominium for reasonable rent. On March 10, the Stichting de stad will give the local community the stage to present their plans.

The initiative group is inspired by successful examples from Germany and Switzerland, where the so-called Wohngenossenschaften meets a great need. In the Netherlands, the time is now too. After all, there are only two flavors in the rental sector, which are social housing or commercial real estate leased to investors. This has resulted in two categories: cheap or expensive. Dordrecht’s middle-class residents threaten to fall between the two. An affordable rental home is often far from them, especially in these times when prices are skyrocketing. And the purchase is completely unattainable.

In many Dutch cities, residents have already put their heads together and said: We will do it ourselves. In many places, housing cooperatives are created, cooperative societies of residents with their own money. Banks fill in the missing part. In exchange for their efforts, members receive the right to reside and express an opinion on the architecture, sustainability, and use of their apartment buildings.

Inspirational presentations by, among others, Peter Kuenzli, author of the publication Operatie Wooncoöperatie and Pieter Bekkers, President of Dordtse Woongenootschap io
Interview with Eric Amore, founder of the housing cooperative in Amsterdam Akropolis-IJburg.

Biesbosch Hall, Maasstraat 11 | Thursday 10 March | It starts at 8 pm. | Free | Come: Send a mail to: [email protected] Or follow the Via Cultura live stream here Link

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