Live news record to record – first visible in all audiences

Live news record to record - first visible in all audiences

LIVE NEWS with Nikos Evangelatos recorded their highest performance since the start of the season on Friday, April 9th.

The MEGA evening news program beat all competing programs in its broadcast area.

The first was clearly reflected by 20.9% in the dynamic audience of 18-54 and 19.7% in total but also with significant differences from the following programs in the ranking. In the dynamic crowd 18-54, the difference was 7.6 percentage points, and for the overall crowd the difference was 3.7 percentage points.

The show was watched by 578,000 viewers and covered by 1,622,000 viewers.

In detail, the ranking in the competition was as follows:

Audience 18-54: ALPHA and STAR: 13.3%, ANT1: 8.8%, SKAI: 6.3%, ET1: 4.9% and OPEN: 4.7%

Total audience: STAR: 16%, ALPHA: 15%, ANT1: 10%, SKAI: 6.5%, ET1: 6.1% and OPEN: 4.1%.

LIVE NEWS also scored impressive performances in separate audiences with impressive proportions of men 25-64 at 24.9% and a very big difference with the next program in the same program area (ALPHA: 12.8%). But also in women 25-64 by 21.3%.

The first big one was reflected in the registration of the category that interests the country’s population according to the geographical region.

Thus, in the data table for Athenians, LIVE NEWS scored 23.2% and viewers residing in the rest of Greece 18.2%, widening the difference gap from competition shows in the same region.

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