Live Blog Big Green Egg Open Golf Championship •

Live Blog Big Green Egg Open Golf Championship •

The tournament takes place from June 30 to July 3 at the Rosendaelsche Golf Club in Arnhem. Follow the latest news about the performance of the participants via Twitter And find interesting stories and posts on our Instagram account.

Programma Big Green Egg is unlocked

Tuesday 29th June
07.30 – 14.30 Your Pro-Am Experience

Wednesday 30 June
08.00 The first round of the Big Green Egg Open begins
7 pm golf live

Thursday 1 July
08.00 The second round of the Big Green Egg Open begins
7 pm golf live

Friday 2 July
08.00 The third round of the Big Green Egg Open begins and the player experience the first round
7 pm golf live

Saturday 3 July
08.00 The final round begins Big Green Egg Open and the player experience in the second round
7 pm golf live

Tuesday 29th June

10.10 am

Pro-Am Experience

Today, one day before the tournament begins, players with (highlighted) guests/amateurs enter the stadium for the Pro-Am experience. Rico Verhoeven and Lieke van Lixmond, among others, reported this morning a tour on Rosendaelsche in good company. The best kickboxer in the Netherlands became addicted to golf not too long ago. And besides the circuit, now also unstoppable on the green and green lanes …

Leicky Van Lexmond and Rico Verhoeven

It’s 08.00

good morning!

Beyond national borders, too, many golf enthusiasts have their eyes set on Rosendaelsche this week. Many golfers, fans and followers of golf are delighted to have the Women’s European Tour back in the Netherlands.

Monday 28th June

9.35 pm


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We conclude the day with a kind wish from Will Besling, the Dutch player on the European Tour, to all those involved in the #BigGreenEggOpen. This week, Besling will play Joost Luten, Darius van Driel and Lars van Meigl at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open in Ireland. But it appears from his letter that he will also continue operations in Arnhem.

6.17 pm


The start times for the first two days of #BigGreenEggOpen have been announced. On Wednesday, June 30, 08.00, Dutchman Rumi Makers was among the first to turn. Find flights and other times here. Alternate between Drawing 1 and Drawing 2 on the page to choose the correct day.

roomy makers

Photo: LET

2:54 pm
Dutch Post

13-year-old Sophie Noijk wants to “enjoy” this week in Rosendelich. The teenager has been golfing for less than three years and already has a handicap of 3.7. This promises something for the future! Rumi Makers and Pasquale Cova are slightly older, both professionals, and are playing on the LET Access Series and the Women’s European Tour this season. “I am not unhappy with my performance in my first year as a professional. My home track is De Pan which is somewhat similar to Rosendaelsche. I hope I can build on that.
The forest path is also not an unfamiliar area for Cova. I grew up in Eindhovence, which is also a nice job in a wooded area. After a number of difficult years, the Women’s European Tour is growing very quickly and I am happy with the increase in the number of tournaments on the calendar. The fact that there is another championship now in the Netherlands is very impressive.”
In addition to the aforementioned players, a number of compatriots participate, including Zhen Bontan and Anne-Sterre den Dunnen. Read more about the field of participants here.

Anne Van Damme to Tokyo!
During the tournament press conference, which was attended by players Rummy Makers, Pasquale Cova and young talent Sophie Neuge, it was also announced that Anne Van Damme had been selected by the NOC * NSF for the Tokyo Olympics. Read more about this here.

Anne Van Dam Games in Tokyo

Buy your #BigGreenEggOpen opening tickets here!

11.15 am
big green egg…
The fact that the Big Green Egg, as Ferrari says among the barbecues, is the name of the tournament, was made clear at Rosendaelsche … already a hot spot on the golf course, where players and fans record the memory of the first edition of the tournament.
By the way, you can still come to the tournament this week as a spectator. Tickets can be ordered here.

It started!
It’s #BigGreenEggOpen week. Today, more and more players are pouring in and the track is already showing its most beautiful side in the early morning.

large open green egg

The Big Green Egg Open is one of 27 tournaments on the Women’s European Calendar (LET) in a special format. The championship is over 4 days and 72 holes. In the final two days of the tournament, when the tension builds, 30 young golfers will compete on flights with the best European golfers vying for the title at Rosendaelsche Golf Club. Thanks to this players experience, young talents get the opportunity to gain experience at the highest level and measure themselves directly to the top. Such kind of play is not possible in any sport and makes golf unique. The total prize money available is €200,000. The Women’s European Tour (LET) will take place with a total of nearly €20 million in prize money this year, a record for LET history.

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