Little Switzerland through penalties to the semi-finals

Little Switzerland through penalties to the semi-finals

Klein Switzerland is the fourth and last team to qualify for the Gold Cup semi-finals, with The Hague playing Fordian on April 7. At Klatteweg Stadium, Klein Zwizerland won the quarter-finals on Wednesday after a penalty shootout from Hurley. The match ended 2-2 after the regular time. HDM and Den Bosch last week also reached the last four of the most important cup tournaments.

The match between Klein Zwizzerland and Hurley was tentatively scheduled for last Thursday, but the match was moved because Hurley played a regular match of the season against Kampong in Utrecht that day.

More exciting than the competition

Both teams had already met in the competition before. Then small Switzerland won 4-1 at Amsterdam Boss. This time around, the battle between the number seven (little Switzerland) and the last (Hurley) of the Hovedeclasse Tulip men was even more exciting.

Hurley took the lead twelve minutes later through Theon De Leeuw. This lead was undone only in the 41st minute by Albert Beltran. Hurley made it 1-2 in the fourth quarter with a goal from Noam Sheridan. The striker seemed to be the winner of the match, but just before the last signal, Aki Kapeler equalized with a penalty kick. Shots had to decide and Klein Zwitterland was a bit better than Hurley.

in front of the opponent

On April 7, Klein Zwizzerland will compete with promotion team Voordaan for a place in the Gold Cup Final. Groenekan was very strong 2-1 at home to HBS last Thursday, which is also playing in the promotion category. Thomas van Patom scored the winning goal.

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HDM’s promotion division eliminated SCHC’s major division in the quarter-finals. The Hague team needed a penalty shootout for this, after the match in Belethoven ended 2-2 after normal time. The fourth promotion team in the quarter-finals, Nijmegen, did not qualify. She lost 2-0 to Den Bosch in front of her home crowd. Dylan Witherspoon and Quinn Bijen scored the current eighth of the Tulp Hoofdklasse Men.

Gold Cup Quarter Final Results

Little Switzerland * Hurley 2-2
12. Theon the Lion 0-1
41. Albert Beltran 1-1
55. Noam Sheridan 1-2
69 – Aki Kapiler 2-2 (St.)

* Wins after penalties (4-3)

Thursday 17 March:
SCHC – HDM * 2-2
Goals: Roderick Tam, Bram Wirz | Boris Burckhardt, Doku Tilgenkamp

* Wins after penalty shootouts

before – HBS 2-1
Goals: Mike Huisman, Thomas van Batum | James Drummond

Nijmegen – den bush 0-2
Goals: Dylan Witherspoon, Queen Begin

Gold Cup Semi-Final Program

Thursday 7 April:
Before – Little Switzerland
HDM – Den Bosch

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