Lisa Campbell becomes the first woman to head the Canadian Space Agency

Lisa Campbell becomes the first woman to head the Canadian Space Agency

For the first time ever – and as Canada works to reposition itself in the crowded global space race – the federal government has commissioned a woman to lead the Canadian Space Agency.

Today the Government of Canada announced that Lisa Campbell will replace Sylvain Laporte as President of the Canadian Space Agency. The press release announcing her appointment indicated that the new appointments in key agencies and departments “respect the principle of diversity.”

“One thing I’ve learned during my career is that you have to dream big and you have to reach for your stars,” Campbell told CBC News. “So I’ve tried to do that throughout my career.” “This opportunity honors and honors me.”

Campbell takes charge of the Canadian Space Agency as Canada charts a new path in space exploration, in part through a partnership with the international community on a new lunar program.

Canada is working with other countries to build a space station aimed at orbiting the moon – Moon Gate Project. The station serves as a laboratory and, as the Canadian Space Agency says, a “springboard” for future missions to Mars. One of Canada’s contributions to the US-led mission will be an AI-based robot system. Kundrum 3.

An artist’s concept for Canadarm3, a smart robot system planned in Canada, installed on the outside of the Gateway space station. (Canadian Space Agency, NASA)

In 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau allocated $ 2.05 billion over 24 years for the Canadian space program and $ 150 million over five years towards the Moon Gate.

Campbell joined the Canadian Space Agency from his tenure as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Canada, and prior to that serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Naval Procurement.

watched Campbell is excited about the timing of her appointment

The new head of the Canadian Space Agency, Lisa Campbell, says governments around the world are making significant investments in space exploration right now. 0:36

“Lisa Campbell has worked tirelessly in the service of Canadians throughout her career and has the experience and capabilities to propel the agency forward in future explorations,” Innovation, Science and Industry Minister Navdeep Baines said in the press release.

watched CBC News: Canada joins Lunar Gateway moon mission (2019)

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