Links between the COVID outbreak at the Chadstone Shopping Center and the Frankston family

Links between the COVID outbreak have been found at Chadstone shopping center and a home in southeast Melbourne.

There were eight cases in the Fresh Food Precinct of the shopping center, including an employee from Sept 23-28.

Anyone shopping there on those dates was urged to watch out for symptoms.

On Thursday, Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Cheng said there is now a “little situation” in Frankston, linked to the Chadstone cases.

One employee lives in a house in the Frankston area with eight or nine people.

He said: “I don’t know how many cases there are, but I think many of them have been infected.”

Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Ching says there is now a “kind of situation” in Frankston associated with the Chadstone cases. credit: Eric Anderson/AAPIMAGE
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