Limburg Wholesale Shooters Awards | 1 Limburg

Limburg Wholesale Shooters Awards |  1 Limburg

Limburg shooters Mike Schlosser, Quinte Ruffin and Tun Jacobs won the majority of Dutch Shooting Awards. Of the six awards, four went to Limburg Archers.

There were six categories in total: association, volunteer, recreational athlete, archer (best sport), moment and talent. Around 1,000 people voted for the 2020 year.

He hit twice for Mike Schlosser
Nuth’s Mike Schlosser received two awards. He became the “Archer of the Year” and also introduced the “Archer of the Year.”

World record
That moment came during the Irwin Versteigen Memorial in Boeckel. There Schlosser set a world record in 1440 part lap. Moreover, Archer won two advocacy tournaments in Switzerland during the pandemic. But also before the pandemic, Mike managed to score by winning the 2020 World Indoor Championships Final as well as winning the prestigious Lancaster Archery Classic.

Talent of the year
Quinty Ruffin of Horst received the “Talent of the Year” award. In 2020, she surprisingly won the NK Indoor with the ladies as well as with the cadets. Limburgian was also included in the Netherlands by the national coach this year.

Last share
Ton Jacobs won the “Recreational Athlete of the Year” award. Hurst’s shooter reached the final during NK Outdoor. By shooting the number ten with his last arrow, he was awarded the national title.

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