Buy from UK web store

Buy from UK web store

Since Brexit, the trade rules applied within the European Union no longer apply to the United Kingdom. This country is now what is called the third country in terms of trade.

Overall, the damage is likely to be better than expected thanks to the deal struck at the end of December. However, it will not be what it was before Brexit. Since 1/1/2021, trade limits have been introduced between the countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom, and this will be reflected in our movements through the channel and our purchases there.

Value added tax, customs duties, etc.

With the UK now a “third country,” like the US, China, and Zimbabwe, for example, the opportunities for additional costs are real:

  • Value added tax. Before July 1 021, this will not be necessary for products whose value does not exceed € 22. But from July 1, 2021, VAT will be due on all products imported into the European Union;
  • Fees, unless your purchase is less than 150 € or related to products of British origin (for example, manufactured in the UK). However, the latter is not often the case;
  • More customs procedures, transportation costs and clearance costs.

All of these costs combined can increase dramatically. It is certainly not unreasonable for sellers to pass it on to the consumer.

So if you order something from a British web store, be sure to check carefully what costs have actually been charged. You will not be the first to receive an unexpected and unpleasant bill from a courier.

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Want to know more about the consequences of Brexit?

In our Brexit profile, we’ll discuss the consequences for both your trips to the UK and your online purchases.

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