Lilian Blumen, New PvdA Chair: ‘Yeah, yeah, I’m ready’

Lilian Blumen, New PvdA Chair: 'Yeah, yeah, I'm ready'

Blumen (58) was born the daughter of a milk seller. She was Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the second Roti government. Before that she was the chairwoman of the PvdA party.

Founded she decides on safe abortion and maternity care in poor countries. After her ministry, she was elected to the House of Representatives by preferential votes.

Preference for women

“The PvdA hopes that they will not only have to defend themselves from the mistakes made in the past with a new party leader in the upcoming election campaign, but also have the space to tell how they see the future,” says political reporter Rowell Schrenmachers.

Potential candidates from outside The Hague were unwilling or unable. Then it was decided to withdraw from the list of candidates. “The president of the party, Neliki Videlar, preferred to be the leader of the party. In second place was the chairperson of the current chamber, Arib. But she came in third place, Lillian Blumen.”

Blumen: Yeah, yeah I’m ready

“I had some doubts. It took a few days for that. But I’m ready for that,” said Lillian Blumen during the show. “Together we can make a difference.”

Blumen is number three on PvdA’s list: “Arib, number two, I looked at each other after Ludwijk Usher left. One of us would, we said to each other. And it was me.”

The new party leader continues, “I am really looking forward to campaigning with PvdA members. It has to be really different and we have great plans. It has to be about the future again. The issue of utility should not happen again. We all have to investigate what needs to be done differently. We really want to look forward. “

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PvdA performs poorly in polls. Or is Blumen considering competing for a spot in Torrentje? “I think so; the tide can be turned. Every party leader should aspire to the tower.”

Asscher left

The appointment of the new party leader will be confirmed at the digital party conference to be held next Saturday.

PvdA had to look for a new leader, because Lodewijk Asscher pulled out last Thursday over his role in the benefits case.

A competitor to the D66

Although Blumen has been in The Hague for several years, she will still be a new face for many, Schrenmachers says. “With a woman as the leader of the party, PvdA is also in direct competition with D66, which has built the entire campaign around the idea that by voting D66, you can have a woman in the tower for the first time.”

There is very little time left until the elections. “Plumen has only two months to turn the stalled opinion polls for the PvdA into a resounding victory on March 17th. That won’t be easy.”

Other contenders

Ahmed Abu Talib, the mayor of Rotterdam, was also mentioned to fill the important position. Just like Frans Timmermans, former minister, European commissioner, and vice president of the European Commission since 2019.

But Timmermans announced in advance that it does not exist.

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