Life has changed with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Discover 5 great features that will make life more efficient ::

Life has changed with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Discover 5 great features that will make life more efficient ::

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is a smartphone that redefines multitasking. By collecting all the features that users want in one device. A 3-in-1 feature, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or PC. This makes this smartphone a workhorse that can be easily carried anywhere. You already know this Get ready to keep your laptop bag at home. And let’s take a look at how the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G will change your work life.

Two forces in one the perfect match between Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and S Pen

The S Pen is one of the most important tools for workers. Accurate writing performance, versatility, including an easy-to-carry size. Which when combined with the foldable screen smartphone feature comes with a large 7.6-inch screen, making it possible to extend the range of use of the S Pen to be even more powerful.

With Flex Mode, you can put your Galaxy Z Fold3 5G for online meetings anywhere. Without having to lean over or use the easel and also worry about having to find a notebook and pen to take notes during the meeting. Because with the ability of the S Pen and the Multi-Active Window feature, you can use Samsung Notes to take notes on the lower half of the screen. Or when replying to an email you don’t have to type replies anymore because Microsoft Outlook is in this smartphone. The automatic handwriting to text conversion feature is also supported.

In addition, a variety of common functions in the S Pen are complete. Whether it’s writing a message on the external screen without unlocking, editing PDF documents with audio recordings to attach as additional annotations before sharing, choosing to use Air Command to control various shortcuts, or if anyone is working with multilingual communication, you can launch the translation tool (Translate) right away without Having to switch between multiple apps to waste time.

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Samsung has also partnered with Microsoft. To make meetings or brainstorming work together even in different places easier. With the design of a virtual whiteboard that works on foldable smartphones and the S Pen so everyone can write and share ideas. Share ideas together

Answers multitasking calls. Multi-Activity Window – Flexible Mode

Premium Using 3 Apps at the same time Don’t waste time switching apps back and forth. This feature allows you to view your schedule. Besides reading emails including chatting with colleagues at the same time or editing Excel files and adding numbers through the calculator app. Before exporting through Microsoft Outlook, each screen can be resized to the desired height or width. Or the screen can be split into two parts via Flex Mode as well. Working on Flex Mode is not supported, and Samsung has prepared the Labs feature to set which apps can be used on half the screen as well.

Microsoft Office in a familiar way for ease of use

Business applications including applications that users use regularly. It’s designed to be as much easier to use on the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G as the messaging app. Previously, you had to close one conversation before activating the other. But now with the big screen make a list of chat groups appear on the left. The message will be displayed on the right side. Making it possible to see everything at once or even a calendar app in the past, when viewing different schedules, the menu panel was a distraction when we used it. And the space on the screen is reduced, but with the 3.1.1 user interface, everything is neatly organized. Easy to use and clear

Another new feature One of the things that many people like is drag and drop. Imagine you are watching your favorite YouTuber review a product. So I would like to see more product details before buying if it is a normal smartphone you may need to close the video first. Then go to the website browser of that brand, but with the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, users will be able to pull the URL of that brand’s website and appear on another screen while watching YouTube. Compare can be pulled to another channel as well.

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In the field of work let’s say you need to fix urgent tasks on the go. Simply open documents from the Microsoft Teams chat on your smartphone and drag (drag and drop) other documents. that you want to customize or refer to, quickly copy files, transfer data, and send files again. Without having to turn on the big computer anymore

Fewer clicks, save more time. Edge panel

For convenience and speed when encountering applications that are often used in conjunction with work, users can group these applications in the Edge Panel in the sidebar, and then, with a single click, all the previously configured applications will be available on the screen. Including users can also switch between different applications. Just scroll the bar. Instead of having to go back to the home page (home screen) too

In addition, Samsung has also designed the home screen on the outside and inside. You can choose to customize different apps to support use when the screen is folded or opened. For example external screens are frequently used. You can choose messaging apps, social media apps or Google to do a quick search. While Screen Inside focuses on productivity apps like Microsoft Outlook for answering emails, Microsoft Word or Excel for editing documents, and Zoom for online meetings.

3 in 1 Smartphones, Tablets and PCs Already included in Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Another productivity trick for workers is Samsung DeX which will turn the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G into a desktop computer. With a wireless connection to a Samsung Smart Display or Smart TV, Samsung DeX function is not the same as normal screen mirroring, but provides a virtual experience of using a real PC. Users can run multiple applications simultaneously on a window that is resized as needed. You can also turn your Galaxy Z Fold3 5G into a trackpad instead of a virtual mouse or keyboard to work together. Or you can switch to connect to bluetooth to use a real mouse or keyboard.

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With all the features mentioned above this confirms that the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is a smartphone born for truly hybrid work, which if anyone wants to switch to this smartphone. You don’t have to worry about important information. The address on the device will disappear. Because by using Smart Switch app, users will be able to transfer various data. From the old machine to the new machine quickly in only 10-20 minutes, no matter what operating system the old machine is running. In addition to transferring phone numbers, photos, videos and document files, the latest is the first time for Samsung Galaxy smartphones that iOS users will be able to transfer all the data on the app. WhatsApp whether it’s messages, documents or photos on your whole new smartphone too.

For those who are interested, you can try out the real device at the Samsung Experience Store and participating stores. Or see more details at

Date: 9/29/2019

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