Let the app work with mobile data!

Let the app work with mobile data!

Internet Office: Applications continue to run in the background whether or not you keep them open. Social media sent photos and videos can also be downloaded, causing unnecessary mobile data loss. Most of the apps pull data even when it is not active. And such unintended downloads can potentially lead to data loss due to running in the background. Just a small tip to get out of this..Our data is safe and it can prevent useless downloads. However, the Android version has its own set of settings for every smartphone. See how the data can be saved.

How do we do ..?

Click Settings Related to Smartphone.
Click on Network and Internet and open Data usage. In it you can see how much data has been used until then.
Click on app data usage and you’ll know how much data is being used for each app.
Better to turn off background data for unwanted app.
You can also click on “Unrestricted Data” and select either Mobile Data or one of the WiFi options. As a result, mobile data only consumes the incoming data over WiFi.
This allows apps like YouTube to only run when there is WiFi instead of mobile data.

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