Learn about the characteristics of the manual car clutch pad that is running out



Although this clutch is a slow-moving component, it should always be checked periodically. Photo: Daihatsu doc

Jakarta – Clutch liner is an important component in automotive vehicles, especially manual transmission type. This is due to the function of the clutch lining as a distributor of engine power to the transmission. So the car can run smoothly without suffocating.

Although this clutch is a slow-moving component, it should always be checked periodically.

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Because the way brake pads work is very close to friction and pressure. Over time, it will experience wear and tear which makes the power of the car heavy.

The following is excerpted from maximum speedFind out about the characteristics of your worn-out clutch liner:

1. Pull the clutch pedal
In fact, the height of the manual clutch pedal can be adjusted on all cars. However, if you feel your clutch pedal is becoming limp, heavy and has changed size, this could be a sign that your clutch is almost out of service.

2. The engine is running at a high speed, and the car is moving slowly
The next characteristic that is sure to occur is the engine’s reduced performance being heavy and sluggish. If you depress the gas pedal and the engine is running at high speed but the car feels sluggish and tends to slow, this is a sign that your clutch is slipping.

This is because the clutch is so worn that it has a hard time gripping the pressure plate, which makes it difficult for the engine to transmit torque to the transmission.

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3. Changing gears becomes more difficult
The third characteristic that can be felt is the difficulty of shifting gears. If you put the car in reverse, you transfer power from the crankshaft in the opposite direction.

This is great operation for a drivetrain, which is why you can sometimes hear or feel a loud noise when shifting gears in reverse.

If the gear is hard to reach in reverse, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Similarly, if you find it difficult to shift to another gear, this may indicate that the clutch has been worn

4. There is a strange sound
The sound can come from the pedal when it is released. These sounds usually come from the clutch release mechanism.

New vehicles use a hydraulic system, while older vehicles often have a mechanical system. As a car ages, what usually happens is that some parts wear out. Usually there is friction, or a thud.

5. The smell of burning
The next characteristic of a car’s clutch liner that is starting to wear out is the burning smell of a hot clutch.

It can happen due to your bad driving style such as aggressive driving, and the bad habit of leaving your foot on the clutch pedal even when you are not using it.

Therefore, there is a burning smell entering the cabin of your car. This indicates that the clutch surface is very hot.

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If you do not let the clutch pad cool, it may cause undue wear and the vehicle will not operate due to a worn clutch pad.

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