Americans Release UFO Report: 143 Reports ‘Inexplicable’

Americans Release UFO Report: 143 Reports 'Inexplicable'

It cannot even be excluded that some of the so-called “unidentified atmospheric phenomena” (the new name for UFOs) are of extraterrestrial origin. This is the conclusion of a long-awaited US intelligence report on dozens of mysterious sightings of UFOs.

The report said the UFOs “clearly are a flight safety concern and potentially pose a challenge to the national security of the United States.”

Mysterious planes

For example, the Pentagon released a video of Air Force pilots. They show mysterious planes off the US East and West coasts flying with unprecedented speed and maneuverability. Also, they seem to have no clear form of payment.

In the video below by reporter Eric Motan you can see those images and hear the pilots’ reaction.

When presenting the report, a senior US official was asked if extraterrestrial life was a possible explanation. He replied, “The aim was not to evaluate any kind of search for extraterrestrial life. Of the 144 reports, we have no evidence of an extraterrestrial explanation for it.”

Some explanations have been excluded. It will not be aircraft from other countries, according to the report, because there is no indication that they have a significant technological advantage. Nor are they natural weather phenomena or new secret US devices.

Science journalist Geoffert Schilling notes that the report cannot live up to expectations:

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