Learn about digital television services, which are different from broadcast services



Jakarta – The government is through Ministry of Communications and Informatics (COMINFO) Continue to encourage consumption Digital TV in Indonesia.

But there are probably still many who don’t understand digital television and still think of it as being like broadcasting. In fact, they are both completely different.

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Via her official Instagram account, Friday (5/28/2021), Kominfo explained that digital TV is a free service, as it has FTA (Free to Air) status.

“If you have a digital TV offering similar to Internet services on a device, review that opinion immediately,” said Cominfo.

As mentioned earlier, Digital TV It differs from internet streaming. Online broadcasting services are a form of digital technology greatness.

To enjoy online streaming services it costs money, via credit or data packages, so it’s not free. It’s different from watching digital TV broadcasts.

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Meanwhile, to enjoy digital TV services, it suffices to use an additional STB (Set Top Box). Prices tend to be affordable and easy to obtain.

With this STB device, the television The tube will still be able to capture digital broadcasts. No need to change the TV, and you will still be able to watch your favorite broadcast.


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