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There is a significant change in electricity meters in the state. It comes with a prepaid smart meter system that can use your prepaid mobile electricity like your prepaid mobile phone connection. The step is to implement this step by step. The Central Government has issued a notification announcing the schedule for replacing existing meters and installing prepaid meters.

According to a notice from the Ministry of Energy, all consumers (except agricultural consumers) in areas with communication networks will be provided with electricity using smart meters. This applies to all consumers, with the exception of agriculture, in areas with telecommunication networks.

The meter replacement work will be completed between December 2023 and March 2025. Last week, the Ministry of Electricity directed all ministries and government departments to switch to the prepaid smart electricity system. Ministries were also required to issue all relevant orders.

You can use electricity by paying in advance like a prepaid mobile phone connection. The order also stipulated that state regulatory committees must give permission to install prepaid meters in states like Kerala which do not have the technical network at present.

Existing counters will be replaced with newer counters. It is hoped that this will reduce energy consumption and reduce employment in this sector. Electricity meters are also recharged in the form of a prepaid SIM that is used in mobile phones. It was learned that the center will give instructions to countries in this regard.

It comes with rechargeable meters like the DTH system. The required amount can be paid in advance and recharged. After the charge amount, the authorities will not come to the smelter town. To get the power back, the customer has to recharge the card.

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You will have to use electricity just like a mobile phone. Most people start using less for fear of running out of recharge. In addition, the use of meter reading devices can be avoided. The project has been successfully tested in several states across the country.

Clear usage reports will be provided every day to the customer. This will also reduce unnecessary usage. At the same time, it was suggested earlier that a recharge meter will be enough for those who consume more than 500 units of electricity. The reason for bringing in new meters is the problems of accurately calculating and distributing electricity bills.

This is a project that will benefit customers the most. Currently in Kerala, the bill is served together for two months. From this amount, a fixed amount is paid whether it is used for two months or not. But when it comes to new meters, you only have to pay for the hours used. At the same time, existing subsidies may not be waived. Earlier, the center said that the power supply companies in the respective states can make a decision in the matter.

Summary in English: Government notifies timetables for replacing existing electricity meters with “prepaid smart meters”

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