Larence Els Blocker Medal; The mayor calls the beneficiary “one of the most engaged residents”

Larence Els Blocker Medal;  The mayor calls the beneficiary "one of the most engaged residents"

Mayor Nanning Mall installed Els Blokker with decorations linked to her knighthood of the Orange-Nassau Medal on Saturday evening. Ricardo van de Burgh

Miriam Van Tuysek


De Larense Els Blokker-Verwer has been knighted in the Order of Orange-Nassau. Nanning Mayor Moll Van Laren hung the accolades for this award on Saturday evening during a thank-you dinner at singer Laren.

“One of Lareen’s Most Participating Residents”. This is how Ms. Moll described Ms. Blocker, who has been committed to making art and culture accessible to a wide audience for many years. The latest proof of this is the singer Lareen’s new suite, the Nardink Suite, which Princess Beatrix will open on Tuesday. Els Blokker has made this suite financially feasible. Blokker’s private art collection is housed in the five new rooms. She also donated this collection to the Larin Museum. Singer’s Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday was organized to thank the donor and other people who made the new suite possible.

Blokker’s generosity is not limited to Singer alone. From 2011 to 2017, she co-organised Golden Week at Visio Elizabeth Kalishuis in Huizen. Together with her son, she facilitated and organized an annual ski holiday in Switzerland for a group of people with visual and intellectual disabilities. For this she rented the hotel at her own expense. She also accompanied the residents during the holidays.

In the same period she was also a board member of the Laren Jazz Foundation, which organized an annual two-day jazz festival. The Larense Papageno Foundation, which provides assistance to children and young adults with autism, can also count on the support of Els Blokker. Thanks in part to her, sufficient funds were raised to open the first Papageno House in 2015. Els Blokker is also the initiator and founder of the ELJA Foundation, which supports projects aimed at promoting equal opportunities for children and young people.

And this does not end with Els Blokker’s long list of achievements. Supports all types of (local) activities, initiatives and organizations. Such as the Music Society, the Laren Klassiek Foundation, the Boy Scouts, the creation of an ice rink for youth, the restoration of St. John’s Cathedral, and new cartoon bells in the village. Last year, Larense was also awarded the Zilveren Carnation.

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