Intel Core i7-12650HX: Alder Lake CPU spotted with 14 cores

Intel Core i7-12650HX: Alder Lake CPU spotted with 14 cores

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According to a new entry in UserBenchmark, hardware maker Intel is planning to release an Alder Lake CPU with 14 cores. This is a Core i7-12650HX processor, which is intended to serve the high-end chip. However, this information has not been officially confirmed.

With the release of the first Alder Lake processors from hardware manufacturer Intel, new models are gradually appearing. Now a new entry on UserBenchmark is making the rounds, according to Intel planning to release a Core i7-12650HX. This is a processor with 14 cores and 20 threads. To date, only the 12650H built on the Alder Lake-P is known.

Intel Alder Lake: What is the benefit of the discovered core 14?

The newly appeared entry for the Intel Core i7-12650HX shows a different configuration from its little brother. Core and thread grouping is just as high as on the Core i7-12700H, which is why it’s reasonable to assume this is a trimmed chip based on the Alder Lake-S. In contrast, according to Intel, upcoming models with Alder Lake-P will have eight performance cores and eight efficiency cores, an upgrade to 14 cores.

The Intel Core i7-12650HX achieved a score of 104% (excellent) on the Userbenchmark with scores of 213 points under “Normal”, 963 points under “Heavy” and 1962 points under “Server”. However, the question is which power parameters these values ​​came from. According to rumors, the HX series should bring TDP values ​​between 45 and 55 watts to the table. It remains to be seen what releases Intel plans next. It is conceivable to have 16 cores with the possible name Intel Core i9-12900HX and now discovered Intel Core i7-12650HX with 14 cores.

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Source: User Performance Metric

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