Lambrecht confirms during a visit to the troops: the arming of drones is approaching! | Policy

Lambrecht confirms during a visit to the troops: the arming of drones is approaching!  |  Policy

The German army is negotiating to buy armed drones!

“Negotiations for the contract to arm our drones are already underway,” Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (57, SPD) said yesterday during a visit to troops in Lüneburg when asked by BILD.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht is closely watching events

Photo: © Wolf Lux @wolf_lux_photography

► In the future, German army drones can also be used for targeted destruction or killing. In April, the Budget Committee approved 150 million euros to equip the Heron TP drone with precision-guided missiles.

It has a wingspan of 26 metres

It has a wingspan of 26 metres

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The Minister also inspected a reconnaissance drone in the 3rd Reconnaissance Training Battalion.

The visit of the Minister of Defense was also an early farewell: in 2023 a large number of soldiers will be transferred from Lüneburg to Mali (UN mission).

Ineffective purchase

Despite the procurement of modern drones, the troop procurement system is frequently criticized. The reason: Arms projects are regularly delayed for many years – with costs exploding.

The delivery of new helicopters in 2019 is 134 months behind schedule (additional costs: 1.3 billion euros). But there are also problems when it comes to replenishing supposedly simple items.

Example: Military Commissioner Eva Hoegel, 53, reported in her current military report an attempt to order an activity badge for Military Intelligence. It took eight months for the process to be included in the Apparel Department Materials Management Number Index, and thus a so-called ‘Main Article Data Number’ was received in order to be able to begin purchasing.

Then it had to be “pushed into the right place” in order to get approval from BAAINBW (Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the German Armed Forces).

Over a year later, they’re still waiting for the badge. Reason: “a material shortage in the non-ferrous metals sector for which the Bundeswehr is not responsible.”

Often the money does not reach the troops. There is a shortage of simple daily necessities such as warm underwear or backpacks.

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