KNVB is happy to relax in the sports sector, “but perspective is needed” now

KNVB is happy to relax in the sports sector, "but perspective is needed" now

The KNVB is primarily pleased with the relaxation that the Cabinet announced on Friday for the sports sector. On the other hand, the Football Association is also interested and needs more perspective in terms of competition matches and fans in stadiums. The sports umbrella organization NOC * NSF reacts mainly positively.

According to a statement issued by the government, “We believe that the openness of sport to everyone is a justified decision by the new government. Sport stimulates health and mental and physical resistance, and this is very much needed during the outbreak of the epidemic.”

From Saturday it is allowed to exercise indoors and outdoors. No audience is welcome at sporting activities. At the moment, only mutual matches within the private association are allowed and there are no matches between different clubs.

The KNVB continues, “But the next step should be the resumption of competitions at the end of January or the beginning of February.” “We’re focused on that. We’re plotting more scenarios for the continuation of the competitions and will come back to this after the next Cabinet measurement moment. This is now charted on January 25th.”

In addition to the KNVB, the volleyball, hockey and handball federations also hope to resume their competitions as soon as possible. They are also looking into the possibilities of that at the next cabinet measurement moment on January 25th.

KNVB hopes to see fans in stadiums again soon.

KNVB hopes to see fans in stadiums again soon.

KNVB hopes to see fans in stadiums again soon.

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KNVB invites fans back to the stadiums

The KNVB also believes that the next step for the Cabinet should be to allow fans to once again along the line and in the stadiums. “That perspective is missing now, while the financial sprawl is completely over in the clubs. Football has been played in front of empty stands for two months and it cannot continue like this.”

The position of the National Football Association follows a statement from clubs in professional football. On Friday, they demanded that they be allowed to receive an audience in stadiums again, no later than January 28. If the Hague did not comply, they threatened to open the stadiums explanatoryly.

According to KNVB, there are no arguments for not opening stadiums in a controlled manner. Fans are checked, they are outdoors and travel movements are minimal. “This also applies to the European Futsal Championship, which takes place from January 19 to February 6 in Amsterdam and Groningen.”

NOC * NSF is also happy to relax

NOC*NSF Parachute Sports sees it as a “big responsibility” to have all forms of sport allowed again. “We recognize that we have to organize this in a safe and responsible manner,” says Mark van den Toel, general manager of NOC*NSF.

“We will now immediately work with all those sports clubs and their volunteers to organize sports and practice sports under the new rules. We are of course still far from being and will continue to make efforts to resume sports as soon as possible. Open more.”

“It is nice that it was decided to give the sport more space during the first relaxation period, both indoors and outdoors,” says Van den Tweel. “It’s also important, because we’ve seen sports participation drop to a historically low level recently, with all the consequences for the vitality of our population.”

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