“I couldn’t help but think of the people who fell victim to another national drama.”

"I couldn't help but think of the people who fell victim to another national drama."

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Dear countrymen,

I’ve been blessed by genetic luck with a good mind. This is not a guarantee of reasonable life choices, but it does ensure that I can think fairly quickly to form an opinion. In contrast to the less blessed respondents on various media channels, I try not to express this opinion directly. “And this tax amount” can also be written later.

But sometimes the news is too big for me to understand. This was the weekend sometimes. When I woke up, I opened the breaking news and immediately sat on the bed. I was shocked. surprised. calm. I couldn’t help but think of the countless people who were victims or witnesses of yet another new national drama: so Connor Russo was a rabbit.

At such crucial moments in history, people from all walks of life and of all political colors naturally roll over one another to give a reaction. Some felt that by participating in The Masked Singer, Conner had jeopardized his credibility. Others have argued that in the current geopolitical situation, it is inappropriate to engage in flat entertainment as a prominent politician. Then there are people like my seven-year-old son. It was especially believed that the rabbit could not sing well.

It took me two days to form an opinion. I read the comments, analyzes and interview with the president himself. The latter is what attracted me. Because according to Conner, “just another guy in his twenties would love to do something different.”

No, comrade, just no. People in their twenties who like to do something different, go bungee jumping, find themselves in Tibet or go to the wet cave at the swingers club. They don’t just become party bosses and then just take part in a masquerade party watched by millions. If you want to do that, that’s fine, but be honest. Let’s say you did this to reach a new electorate. Admit that you are secretly dreaming of a singing career. For all that I care about, you did it because you enjoy watching yourself on TV in Hello Kitty pajamas. My ass will rust, but don’t get me started by saying that’s exactly what guys do. You are really the only one

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And oh yes. Before this contribution was hijacked by the right to mock Iris: Conner Russo in a rabbit suit is still better than a racist in a suit. Because he always sings the same song.

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