KNVB Equals Reward Soccer Players and Soccer Players

KNVB Equals Reward Soccer Players and Soccer Players
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From now on, Dutch footballers in the national team will receive the same financial reward as players in the Dutch national team. Following the example of other countries, KNVB is now also aligning premiums. This relates to the money players receive in exchange for name and image rights, among other things.

KNVB and Players Council in lionesses A new collective cooperation agreement was concluded. It will come into effect on July 1, ahead of the start of the European Championship on July 6 in England. KNVB doesn’t want to say anything about the amounts or give an indication, according to the press release.

Other countries have already moved forward

In recent years, soccer federations in the United States, Norway, England, Brazil and most recently Spain have already decided to equalize payments for men and women. In the Amstel Gold Race, this year’s women’s race winner received the same amount of prize money as the men’s race winner.

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“I am so grateful to KNVB that we have achieved this and in this way we can take a huge step together towards equal recognition for both the men and women who play for Orange,” said Vivian Miedema, the team’s all-time leading scorer. Dutch Football Association Dutch footballers.

“It’s also not only a huge tribute to us as a current group, but it’s also an important social signal and we hope this opens the door for Orange players in the future.”

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According to director Jan Dirk van der Zee, this is a “first step”. The KNVB hopes that tournament premiums – set by UEFA and FIFA respectively in the European Championships and the World Cup – and so-called women’s media fees will rise sharply. This includes money that comes from the sale of TV broadcasting rights.

“We’ve worked hard together on this, and now it’s a historic step for Dutch women’s football,” van der Zee says. Lionesses have become an integral part of the national football landscape. We also want to emphasize that with this.

In 2019, the KNVB has already decided to increase the commercial compensation of football players. Then the goal was expressed to increase the level of compensation to the level of men between 2021 and 2023.

European Championship 2022

The footballers won the European Championship in their country in 2017, and reached the World Cup final two years later. Last year they participated in the Olympics for the first time. On July 6, women’s football will participate in the European Championship in England. The Netherlands plays its first match on July 9 against Sweden.

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