KLM must solve half of Schiphol seat problem in July | the interior

KLM must solve half of Schiphol seat problem in July |  the interior

ModernizationIn July, KLM will have to limit the number of seats for departing passengers in Schiphol to an average of just under 7,000 seats per day. This calculation was made by the slot coordinator with the Airport Coordination of Holland (ACNL) based on the number of time slots airlines typically have at the airport.

The companies were notified at the end of last week, Hugo Thomassen, director of the National Mine Action Association, said.

In July, according to the airport, there are about 13,500 seats a day too much if all planes were completely full. Restrictions are necessary due to staff shortages, related to departures using security. Carried passengers are not included in this.

biggest user

With nearly half the number of slots, KLM is the largest user of Schiphol. Airlines are free to choose how to implement the seat restrictions. For example, ticket sales can be stopped or passenger travel canceled. It also depends on the number of tickets already sold.

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Thomassen, he said, understands from the companies that they view the restrictions as a “challenging task” and that they are tougher than they expected. Thomassen is now in Seattle, USA, at the Global Slot Coordinators meeting to discuss winter season planning.

The director also says companies are looking at backup options. Thomassen has recently noticed an interest in Rotterdam and Eindhoven airports in particular. It is expected that the last appointments will be allocated at Rotterdam Airport “in the coming hours or days”. The company that registered first will be given this space. According to Thomsen, there’s more interest in it than availability.

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Airlines KLM, Transavia and travel organization TUI say they don’t yet know exactly what the restrictions will mean for their passengers. They are now investigating this and expect more clarity soon. The reported numbers came as a surprise to TUI, deviating “completely” from an index the company received last week.

Transavia has already decided to sell out a very limited number of tickets for the summer to “avoid disappointment as much as possible”. According to a spokeswoman, “there are still a lot of possible solutions.” This includes, for example, canceling entire flights or introducing a maximum number of passengers per aircraft.

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