Kimi Räikkönen can count on aggressive drivers for a NASCAR adventure

Kimi Räikkönen can count on aggressive drivers for a NASCAR adventure

Kimi Räikkönen could get his chest wet in this weekend’s NASCAR Cup race and he has to count on some aggressive drivers. This lets NASCAR driver Daniel Suarez know about it

The very famous Finn dropped out of the royal class at the end of last year. Räikkönen chooses to make a one-time appearance in the US Racing category and will race for Team Trackhouse Racing. The festival will take place this weekend at Watkins Glen. Not quite unprepared, Räikkönen will be traveling to the racing scene. The Finn has already been tested extensively in a Chevrolet Camaro at the Virginia International Speedway.

“He doesn’t know all those drivers.”

Suarez expects the speed to be there at Raikkönen, but thinks nothing can prepare the former Formula 1 driver for rivals. “I think he’s going to be fast. He’s different and he doesn’t know all those drivers. He doesn’t know how to race, he doesn’t know how aggressive they are, so this part is going to take a while,” the Mexican said expecting. In addition, the preparation was perfect, according to Suarez: “I try to guide him as best I can and really feel that he is picking up a lot. If I race in Europe, I hope to feel as prepared as he does.”

Daniel Suarez

Suarez squeezes his hands every now and then, but it’s still the great Raikkonen who will race there. “I tried to learn from him as much as I could because he is a great racing driver,” he explains. Plus, the Finn is competitive and has only traveled to the US to do a few laps. “He’s not just here to have fun, but he’s here to be competitive and he wants to perform well. So it’s been a lot of fun working with him in the last few days and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he can do,” Suarez concluded. The race will be shown at Ziggo Sport Racing on Sunday at 9pm.

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