Fast internet on Kilimanjaro for Instagram photos

Fast internet on Kilimanjaro for Instagram photos

Tanzania is creating a broadband network at an altitude of 3,730 meters – to protect those who climb and to delight influencers.

Anyone climbing Kilimanjaro can now share their adventure on Africa’s highest mountain on Twitter, Instagram and Co. – In real time. Tanzania has built a broadband net on the slopes of Kilimanjaro at an altitude of 3,720 metres. Information Minister Naby Nooyi described the development as historic.

Without the internet, it was “a bit dangerous” for visitors anyway, Noe said at the opening ceremony for the new service on Tuesday, which was attended by government officials and tourists. But the information minister for Hurumbo Hots, one of the camps on its way to the summit, has now said, “All visitors (…) up to this point of the mountain will be connected to the Internet.” It added that by the end of the year, the top of the 5,895-meter mountain will be equipped with an internet connection.

Last year, the Tanzanian government announced plans to build a cable car on the southern side of Kilimanjaro, prompting outrage from mountaineers, excursion operators and environmentalists. Kilimanjaro is an important source of income for tourism in neighboring Tanzania and Kenya. Every year about 35,000 people set out to climb the mountain.


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