Kieran Deuz new high-performance coach/coach Kanosprint

Kieran Deuz new high-performance coach/coach Kanosprint
What was your previous job?

“I was a head coach at the Royal Canoe Club in London. Before that I was a performance coach for the Northern Ireland Canoe Association.”

Why do you want this job?

“It’s a fantastic opportunity! I’ll be part of a team that’s on its way to the top. I’ll be working with Nicole Polk and other coaches to train athletes who focus on the Olympics. I’ll support athletes wherever I can to get the most out of them. Plus, we’re training in a great location, Willem Alexander Bann.” The facilities there are really great.And we have support from great partners like Rotterdam Topsport, Sportbedrijf Rotterdam and Allianz.So the base is excellent, which is a great starting point for me.†

What do you want to check?

“My professional goal: to be someone who coaches some of the best canoeers at the Olympic level. I want my athletes to do well. Not only in winning medals, but also in life.”

You help boat runners develop them to the Olympic summit. How do you deal with that?

“The other coaches have already done a great job with the Dutch athletes. I use my knowledge and skills to take them to a higher level. It takes a lot of hard work, time, dedication, patience and faith. And of course a lot of training, sleeping and eating!”

Have you met the team yet?

“Yes, it’s a great team with avid athletes and I’m really excited to be working with them!”

You have been appointed for seven months. Why seven months?

The 2022 competition season will end in seven months. After that I wish I could stay longer! Perhaps many years.”

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You are coming from Great Britain and moving to the Netherlands for this job. How long did you have to think about this decision?

“I grew up in Australia. As a coach I found a job in Northern Ireland. I worked there for three years. Then I moved to London where I worked for a year. I’ve been all over the world. I don’t think long about moving. A senior coach friend sent me this vacancy. I’m really looking forward to it and not looking back.”

How is your Dutch?

“My Dutch is not good… Not yet. I definitely want to learn the language. I started, but I hope the athletes can help me too!”

Kiran in the boat
  • Favorite sailing area: “Sydney, Australia. It is the lake that was used in the 2000 Sydney Olympics for kayaking and kayaking events. It’s a very quiet place for paddling, but also exciting for paddling in a place where Olympians race.”
  • kayak kirand: “I have a Nelo K1 (one kayak). Just like the kayak used in the Olympics.”
thanks for the

Canoe runners train at Willem-Alexander Bahn in Zevenhuizen, near Rotterdam. A Canoe race at our current level would not have been possible without the people there from Sportbedrijf Rotterdam. The same credits apply to Rotterdam Topsport and Allianz.

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