Kathmandu residents and tourists are bothered by piles of smelly garbage

Kathmandu residents and tourists are bothered by piles of smelly garbage

Much to the discontent of Kathmandu residents and tourists, foul-smelling garbage is piling up in the Nepalese capital. The trash has to be taken to a landfill north of the city, but the villagers stop the trucks.

“We have been forced to live like pigs for years,” says a resident of Banchar village, where the dump is located. Banchare is located more than 40 kilometers above Kathmandu. The villagers are tired of the fact that tons of rubbish is thrown out of the capital every day. One of them said, “The government does nothing to keep the village clean.”

Officers injured

Hundreds of women, children and men from the area blocked the road to Banchar with stones this week. Eyewitnesses reported that three members were wounded. They would have been stoned by an angry mob. Tear gas was allegedly used to disperse the demonstrators.

As a result of the siege, 200 trucks full of garbage were forced to turn around the city, while they were already scattered in the center of Kathmandu. “It’s a shame,” a Kathmandu resident told Reuters news agency. She says that she is completely tired of the fact that the local authorities cannot find a solution to the problem.

This is what the streets in Kathmandu currently look like:

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