JusPol continues to inform KBS members who are dissatisfied with current affairs

JusPol blijft ontevreden KBS leden informeren over lopende zaken

Members of the Suriname Fire Brigade believe it takes too long to realize the back issues of their corps. Therefore it is under consideration. A representative of the members held a meeting with Minister Kenneth Amoxy of the Department of Justice and Police on Tuesday, November 16th.

The Minister, during this meeting, briefed the group on the progress of matters relating to the medical facilities. The case of increasing the nutritional allowance was also discussed. The Director of Operational Services, Olton Helstone, also attended this meeting.

Members note that they see the minister’s efforts, but things are not going well. The group emphasizes that matters relating to the KBF are constantly changing in the Cabinet, while other agenda items are dealt with quickly. “We are not strangers to Jerusalem. It’s also hard to keep members in check because things are constantly getting late. For the members, it’s like they’re always tied down.”

The group hopes that the proposal to increase funds for food will be approved this week. According to Minister Amoxi, this proposal is already on the agenda of the Council of Ministers.

Operations director, Olton Helstone, says special procedures must be followed to regulate medical facilities. The Minister has already signed the contract and the documents have been returned to the Board of Directors of the State Health Fund. He also stated that the State Health Insurance Fund (SZF) is responsible, among other things, for the insurance of all civil servants. These sections are 16, each with its own mode. So the minister asked the firefighters to be patient and understanding.

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It was agreed that there should be mutual trust between the members and the ministry. It’s also important to know that they want the same goals. The two parties will meet again at the end of this month.

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